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Connect-ICT - FHIR Consultant


  • The client is building an environment that will support the electronical exchange of healthcare-data, both within the healthcare-sector and with the government, based on the Hl7-FHIR standard. This new environment will operate in close collaboration with the eHealth-platform en can be situated next to (integrations will be likely) the current Vitalink-platform (which is KMEHR-based).
  • Building a platform like this, demands a profound knowledge of the FHIR-standard but also of all necessary architectural components needed to make use to the maximum of all possibilities of this new technology. But this project goes beyond the building of a new technical architecture, it also aims to build an ecosystem regarding electronical exchange of healthcare data in Hl7-FHIR. This means that trajectories should be set up concerning training, a community must be created with representatives of industry and government, initiatives should be started regarding interoperability-testing in a FHIR-environment, standardization (which, although oriented towards a Flemish reality, must fit within the Belgian framework and must be in line with the International FHIR standards), security, privacy, ....
  • Therefore, a consultant with at least 15 years of experience on international Healthcare-projects is being sought. Practical experience in Hl7-FHIR is a must, as is the possibility to fall back on a broad network within the international FHIR community in order to challenge ideas and proposals and to use the lessons-learned. It concerns a part-time assignment (flexible scheduling, maximum 3 days per week).
  • The project runs until the end of 2021. Startdatum : July 1, 2020 à 3 days / week op piekmomenten.


Required experience

  • Healthcare (government and industry) : 20 years
  • Working with Hl7-standards : 10 years
  • Working with Hl7-FHIR : 5 years Proven activity in the international Hl7-FHIR community (e.g. by being a member of task-forces, by writing papers, ...)


Domains of expertise


IT and Digital



  • DutchIntermediate
  • EnglishIntermediate
  • FrenchIntermediate

Company description

In de huidige IT sector, waar digitale platformen de dienst uitmaken, is een persoonlijke HR aanpak een grote troef. Door het intens contact met onze medewerkers kennen we exact hun individuele behoeften.
Dit resulteert in een perfecte match met de voorgestelde consultancy opdrachten bij onze klanten.

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