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Consort NT - Control Center Operator



Ensures optimum availability of application software and IT infrastructure in accordance with Service Level Agreements (SLAs) through continuous and comprehensive monitoring of application performance, direct assistance and monitoring of the global handling of events related to applications, systems and services in a complex multi-platform environment and participation in the improvement of incident handling procedures.




  • Monitors events in the infrastructure and application software for different types of assets via different information channels (dashboards, telecommunications means, etc.), makes a diagnosis for each identified incident and examines all possible causes to determine the nature / extent (critical / major incident ...) to understand and take the necessary actions
  • Detects and analyzes deviations in the quality or availability of the service. Takes corrective action to limit the consequences of disruptions (for example, opens a ticket to start an appropriate resolution procedure, follows the protocol / specific resolution procedure for that type of incident, follows up the resolution of the incident and closes the ticket as soon as the incident appears resolved). Restores normal operation and limits the negative impact on systems and applications according to SLAs to ensure the availability and continuity of the required system and application infrastructure for IT services.
  • When a major incident cannot be resolved by applying the ad hoc procedure: he / she passes the incident on to the second line support (urgent or not) or to other internal or external entities charged with this (AS, BP2I, external partners ...) by providing them with as much information as possible so that they can thoroughly analyze the incident in order to find a solution. Contributes to the identification of potential problems and passes them on to Problem Management according to the processes entered
  • Controls and optimizes production in a complex multi-platform environment (Windows, Linux, Unix) in accordance with the instructions and technical guidelines to ensure the reliability of the treatment (correct, complete and within the time limit). Uses all available control tools to check the correct functioning of the Mainframe, Hardware, systems and applications and their performance level in accordance with the technical guidelines, this to ensure the availability of the central IT infrastructure and the regular and rapid handling of production ( and non-production) according to the SLAs.
  • In the context of the activities linked to changes ('Change'): he / she validates in advance the various activities to be performed (Runbooks, required authorization...), executes them and gives the parties involved feedback on their progress ( state of affairs, lessons learned, proposals for improvements in the Runbook ...). If those activities are not clear enough and cannot be explained or if the necessary authorizations have not been granted, he / she can decide to proactively cancel the 'Change' on the basis of objective arguments and will carefully and promptly communicate this decision. all parties involved.
  • Checks and validates the technical and functional condition of the tools used in the offices on a daily basis within the framework of the agreements made for this purpose so that the offices have properly functioning IT tools. In this context, you may be asked to resolve incidents related to the infrastructure of the offices within or outside working hours (eg restarting servers) in the context of an end-to-end service.
  • Evaluates, prepares and participates in the updating of incident resolution procedures in collaboration with specialists (Asset Managers etc.). This is to be able to manage recurring events in the same way (validated knowledge) or to better understand their technical functioning
  • Plays a role in the Disaster Recovery processes by participating in the validation of the Continuity Runbooks, the execution and / or coordination of certain tasks and a number of technical and functional technical approvals.
  • Contributes to ITIL processes and acts as an EVM Operator


Mandatory Technical skills  

  • Can quickly handle new technologies and / or tools
  • Has a general and transversal IT knowledge to quickly detect where the problems are and who are the right contacts
  • Knowledge of English and at least one national language + passive knowledge of the other national language
  • Knowledge of ITIL processes


Soft Skills 

  • Good communication skills (accurate wording, can handle difficult internal and external customers)
  • Resistant to stress (able to determine priorities, some necessary activities can have a negative impact on production
  • Excellent adaptability and learning ability
  • Proactive (brings the documentation together and shares it with the team members, can create tools or dashboards to follow the team's activities properly ...)

Company description

Consort NT is an integrator and Operator of both infrastructures and solutions. Structurally Agile, adaptable and innovative, we harvests the value of human capital and collective Business Intelligence.

Our vision, our strategy and our expertise are organized under four divisions :

1. End-User IT: Promoting the availability and use of all desktop tools, facilitating mobility
2. IT Capacities: Ensuring continuous power and data storage, in line with the business needs.
3. Collective Intelligence: Enhancing data, Empowering the value of Data Sharing
4. Solutions: Developing and Enhancing the use and sharing of information within companies

These 4 divisions have a common goal: Supporting our customers in their digital transformation, empowering users and IT processes and facilitating automation through adapted tools.

- 25 years of existence
- Over 2000 employees
- 140 M€ turnover
- 43% as Projects & Out-sourcing / 57% as Technical Assistance & Expertise
- 39% as Application Solutions / 61% as Infrastructures Services
- 8 services centers 24/24, 7/7 base (ISO 270001, 9001, 14001, 20000-1)
- Sales offices in France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Canada & Morocco

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