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Cronos International - Business Analyst

The core business of this unit of the European Parliament is to prepare and disseminate publications. This unit publishes every single year more than 1,000 publications and has published over 6,000 publications since 2014 which frequently need to be updated. In this respect, this unit is by far the biggest 'think tank' in Brussels.


To manage this huge publishing activity, this unit is using MS Word and Adobe InDesign as well as some CMS and Web-publishing tools such as Wordpress or the in-house built intranet. Colleagues in the Unit have to spend an exorbitant amount of time to copy-paste content from the original Word format for re-use on the unit's blog, on the unit's intranet, as a snippet for social media, in another publication etc. Instead of 'creating content once and using it many times', they have been doing, for lack of a professional publishing solution, exactly the opposite. This unit is therefore sorely lacking a tool/content management system that would allow for genuine multi-channel publishing, as is done in similar publication-intensive organisations, publishing houses or media environments. By 'multi-channel publishing' they essentially mean that the content of their research publications should be stored centrally and separately from any formatting layout.


The primary goal is to ensure publications can be published and updated more systematically, and to ensure that the ever-increasing numbers of publications the unit produces can be dealt with professionally without the commensurate increase in staff. An XML-base authoring and publication system would enable this unit to achieve the abovementioned goals. 


The Business Analyst that we are looking for would require both technical and communicative skills. While the XML solution will have many technical implications, on social-communicative level the tasks also will be very challenging because we will have to align the requirements of multiple DGS and services. On top of that, there might be quite some resistance from different corners, considering that the implementation of an XML solution might have an impact of the way of working of notably Policy Analysts. The current applications use a wide variety of Java technologies and interact with other applications. The contractor is required to have experience in these fields.



Nature of the tasks

  • Gather requirements of business users of different DGS and services
  • Analyse the gathered requirements more in-depth in order to fully understand the implications
  • Take also non-functional requirements into account technical and legal restrictions, such as accessibility, data protection, interoperability, software architecture, technical feasibilities,
  • Ensure sign-off of the requirements
  • Participate in functional working groups and progress meetings


Technical expertise and professional experience

  • Knowledge of and experience with Business Analysis and Requirements gathering
  • Knowledge of and experience with UML diagrams and BPMN notations for process management
  • Knowledge of and experience with ARIS and/or other modelling software
  • Knowledge of project management methodology, notably PMI and Scrum, and usage of project management tools (e.g. MS Project)
  • Some experience of IT development: J2EE, Web development and XML usage
  • Knowledge of content management techniques and company portals

Company description

CRONOS International is since October 2005 the company of the CRONOS group specialized in delivering ICT services to private and public International Organizations. By creating a distinct organization, CRONOS wants to emphasize the additional components that characterize international organizations, such as multilinguism, different cultures, more complex decisions processes and so on.
Ever since its inception, CRONOS has demonstrated an extraordinary growth, both in revenue and staff numbers.
CRONOS' ability to swiftly adapt to the ever-changing market demands made it the most preferred technology partner for many companies on the lookout for high quality ICT solutions.
A thorough understanding of customers' needs and a continuous quest for innovation, combined with a consistent but flexible attitude towards excellence, paved the way to rapid growth and success.

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