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Cronos International - Web Operation Manager

Nature of the tasks

  • Creation of a detailed site topology.
  • Staging of Web sites.
  • Installation and support of Web sites
  • Creation and management of Wiki or collaborative sites
  • Implementation of social and collaborative solutions
  • Ensure coherence of the logical and physical structure of Web sites, Web pages and of navigation methods
  • Writing Web procedure manuals


Knowledge and skills

  • Good knowledge of Web environment (Drupal, Wordpress) and Web prototype tools (HTML, CSS)
  • Proven conceptual understanding of content structuring, Storage, access and presentation elements
  • Ability to participate in multi-lingual meetings, ease of communication.
  • Capability of integration in an international/multi-cultural environment, rapid self-starting capability and experience in working in team.
  • Able to cope with the fast changing technologies used in Web site management.
  • Able to cope with the needs of multi-language site deployment.

Company description

CRONOS International is since October 2005 the company of the CRONOS group specialized in delivering ICT services to private and public International Organizations. By creating a distinct organization, CRONOS wants to emphasize the additional components that characterize international organizations, such as multilinguism, different cultures, more complex decisions processes and so on.
Ever since its inception, CRONOS has demonstrated an extraordinary growth, both in revenue and staff numbers.
CRONOS' ability to swiftly adapt to the ever-changing market demands made it the most preferred technology partner for many companies on the lookout for high quality ICT solutions.
A thorough understanding of customers' needs and a continuous quest for innovation, combined with a consistent but flexible attitude towards excellence, paved the way to rapid growth and success.

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