Reference no.: Service Desk Support Engineer
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Projinit - Service Desk Support Engineer

Ref.: Service Desk Support Engineer


  • You will have to answer to emails & phone calls from end-users about :
    • Windows 10
    • Office 2003 & 2010 (Outlook, Excel, Access, Word & PowerPoint)
    • The standard Fga applications
    • Hardware issues (screen, disk, etc.
    • Any other problem like resource access, printing, networking, etc...
  • Commitment is a key element
  • You will install & configure PC/Laptops using the Fiat Master Disk
  • You will operate on AD users (password reset, user rights, AD group membership, ...)
  • You will call/mail third party Providers helpdesks for Hardware problems (HP, Xerox, ...)
  • You will sometimes have to install software for synchronizing a smartphone with Outlook
  • You will contribute to the inventory management (Hardware and licenses)
  • You will contribute to implement/deploy new central solutions at market level
  • You will participate to local project implementation
  • You may propose tools, systems & solutions to enhance end-user support and workstation management
  • You will provide support for network issues (LAN, WAN, WLAN)
  • You will maintain an updated network schema (Server, Network Printers, Routers, etc...)
  • You will maintain an updated inventory of all infrastructure elements
  • You will manage the local Fileserver security (Active Directory 2003)
  • You may propose tools, systems & solutions to enhance security, network and server availability
  • Proactivity is a key element.



  • Windows 10
  • MS Office 2003 & 2010
  • Windows 2008 R2 (operations)
  • Active Directory 2003 (user & computer management, security & Group policy knowledge)
  • DNS, DHCP, WINS & Proxy (use of commands like nslookup, ping, traceroute, ipconfig, static routes)

Company description

Projinit IT Consulting

Projinit is an IT solution provider with over 60 employees in Belgium. Our IT professionals specialise in support and systems management of IT infrastructures, software development, consulting and project management.

ICT Staffing

Knowledge is our key asset. Through consultancy, we leverage our knowledge and expertise ? on a project basis, through technical support, or via secondment ? to help you achieve your goals.

Our ICT Staffing division is specialised in providing experienced, highly skilled professionals for any technology area, for any period that suits your requirements. Our wide range of ICT skills and profiles includes:
- support engineers & network engineers
- infrastructure specialists
- software developers
- project managers
- consultants

Projinit has an extensive pool of permanent well-rounded and seasoned consultants, qualified by training and hands-on experience. When your project is short-handed, or when you lack knowledge in a particular area, Projinit ICT Staffing can be the solution.

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