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Talent-IT - IT Project Leader Sales&Marketing

What are we looking for?


We are looking for a passionate and committed IT Project Leader with strong interest/focus on 2 distinct areas

  • Marketing: Applications supporting marketing processes, providing key input towards CT sales/commerce activities.

Main focus will be on market analysis tools.

  • Sales Enablement: Solutions frequently implemented as mobile apps (iOS/Android) or Embedded in public websites, to quickly :

identify the right solution for and with the customer. Drive transition from stand-alone applications towards fully integrated into sales toolbox and CT IT landscape. Strong focus on establishing synergies, master data, standardization towards applied technologies, UI/UX, re-usability in all countries, for all product and brands.

As Project Manager you will be responsible to secure the full application lifecycle, Embedded in the end-2-end business processes.

You will have the opportunity to work with a highly motivated international business and IT team in a challenging and very dynamic environment. Depending exact scope, you will report either to the IT Team Leader Aftermarket or the IT Team Leader Sales & Marketing.



Skills & Experience


The ideal candidate will have a good blend of business, IT and project management skills. Specific requirements for this position

  • Strong background in project management: scope, planning, financial overview, reporting
  • Ability to think as the user, translate into IT requirements and drive the realization thereof
  • You are strong communicator, fluent in English, both written and spoken


Furthermore, following qualities are considered as an asset

  • Knowledge of different sales, marketing and aftermarket processes in a customer center of an industrial company.
  • Understanding and experience with software development processes including defining business requirements, defining technical specifications, development procedures, testing procedures, change management and implementation.
  • Understanding and experience with software support processes.
  • Experience in working in a large international company.



  • You are customer focused, and professional. Also, you have good communication and interpersonal skills and maintain a good relationship with other stakeholders.
  • You have self-drive and passion, triggered by technology and software development.
  • You are enthusiastic, proactive and passionate, but you still work systematically, accurately and are focusing on delivered quality and results.
  • You like to be challenged and have very strong analytical skills and problem-solving abilities. As such you are not afraid of making errors and are willing to learn by doing.
  • You can handle pressure, and are prepared to work outside regular office hours, which is sometimes necessary due to a deadline.
  • You consider the team to be more than just the sum of the members
  • You are inquisitive and eager to learn. Next to this you have good coaching skills to take the team and application to the next level.
  • You understand the dynamics of change management, support, service and you consider continuous improvement, thinking outside the box and ahead a given

Company description

Talent-IT is a sourcing company that unites customers and IT-Talent across the full range of IT professions & technologies. We help our customers in finding the ideal IT-Talent for their permanent or project based vacancies. We help IT-Talent (employees and freelancers) in finding their ideal new permanent or project based vacancy.

Besides the right technical skills, we also think that culture, attitude, personality and languages are a crucial element in the matching process. Our business is Talent Management: to attract, to keep, coach, train and motivate IT-Talent, thanks to a broad view on IT and the business.

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