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3D-ICT - DevOps & Quality Assurance Engineer



You are part of the team « DevOps & Quality Assurance », responsible for the improvement and automation of the full development LifeCycle, development tools, CI/CD pipeline, test automation and monitoring & operations of applications.


Your role is to work on different of these topics, depending on the needs and priorities:

  • Maintain & evolve the current development tools:
    • IDz (+ Changeman in collaboration with our infrastructure partner PI-SQUARE), zD&T, EGL
    • Eclipse & Eclipse Developer & custom plugins
    • Visual Studio
    • Promotion server (internal tool, linked to Dimensions+, XLDeploy, UCD in collaboration with our infrastructure partner)
    • CVS & extensions, GIT/Bitbucket, Jenkins, CruiseControl, SonarQube, Nexus,...
    • Migrate to the zoned network (in collaboration with our infrastructure partner)
    • ...
  • Setup, maintain & evolve tools & development environments:
    • Setup specific development environment, with different flavors (e.g. mobile development, Cloud development, Java development, ...)
    • Enable code reviews, code quality scans, security scans, ...
    • Implement metrics, dashboards, alerting to detect problems as early as possible to correct issues quicker, to limit impact (as well in development tooling as during build & integration phase)
    • Increase visibility for IT and business in the quality of our applications through dashboards
    • Expand the vision towards our future architecture (e.g. Cloud, core bank renewal, low-code PaaS, ...)
    • ...
  • Setup, maintain & evolve new CI/CD environments:
    • Architecture, conception, planning and implementation of the CI/CD pipeline(s) for all our development environments (mobile development, open systems [mainly Java] development, Mainframe, PaaS, low-code PaaS,...) : development environment, source code management, code reviews, build, quality checks, security checks, unit / integration / regression / canary / performance / load / memory leak / smoke / security / ... testing, deployment, containers, infrastructure provisioning & decommissioning, artefacts repository, release management, API publishing,...
    • Closely work together with our infrastructure provider to achieve end-to-end automation
    • Expand the vision towards our future architecture (e.g. Cloud, core bank renewal, low-code PaaS, ...)
    • ...
  • Maintain & evolve the current monitoring platform:
    • Improve the current monitoring platform, based on the ELK stack (ElasticSearch, Logstash, Kibana), to realize extra quick wins
    • Enrich with new data & dashboards (this includes business data dashboards)
  • Setup, maintain & evolve the target monitoring platform:
    • Elaborate the target architecture
    • Move to a Big Data architecture to handle the large volumes
    • Migrate from the current implementations to the target implementation (landscape simplification)
    • Link to how the application architecture should evolve for better monitoring
    • Expand the vision towards our future architecture (e.g. Cloud, core bank renewal)
  • Extend monitoring capabilities:
    • Enhance correlation between different monitoring results to improve the end-to-end view on our applications and systems, reduce the total number of alerts, facilitate finding the root cause, ...
    • Implement alerting to detect problems in an early stage to correct issues quicker, before there is an impact
    • Increase visibility for IT and business in the behavior of our applications through near real-time dashboards
    • Evolve to predictive analysis & alerting (based on AI and machine learning)
    • Correlate with other sources of information, e.g. change management, changes by ecosystems partners, incidents, capacity management changes, ...
    • Elaborate a vision on the evolution towards Cloud
  • Migrate from the current situation(s) to the target environment(s) / solution(s) for tools, pipelines, monitoring,... (application migration)
  • Support & coaching:
    • Documentation of the environment, usage guidelines, best practices, coding standards, ...
    • Active evangelization and education of the development best practices and environments, introduce a culture of shift-left quality, correct usage of tools, ...
    • Support & coaching of projects and developers to adopt the DevOps way of working, migrate the current assets, solve issues, introduce a test automation culture, ...
    • Second line support

As this is a broad scope, you will also have the chance to learn about new tools & solutions.




  • Experience in some of these areas is necessary / an added value:
    • Setup of modern CI/CD pipelines and with CI/CD tools (CVS, GIT, Bitbucket, Jenkins, SonarQube, Nexus, XAtester, UrbanCode Deploy / Release, Chef, Maven, ...)
    • Tooling installation, configuration, maintenance (RDz, IDz, EGL, Changeman, Eclipse & plugins, promotion server, ...)
    • Cloud low-code PaaS solutions (e.g. IBM Bluemix, Mendix, Outsystems,...)
    • Implementation of monitoring solutions; knowledge of ELK stack
    • Experience with Java application development
    • Agile way of working
  • Required experience & attitude:
    • Analytical
    • Problem solver
    • Quality minded
    • Maximize synergies for in-house development & Cloud (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS) and with other domains (e.g. security monitoring, test automation, infrastructure, ...)
    • Continuous improvement
    • Automation minded
    • Able to design a target solution
    • Able to do coaching & support
    • Eager to learn
    • Team player

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3D-ICT is an all-round ICT-solutions company that mainly focuses on Consultancy, Managed Services/Managed Staffing and Cloud Computing.

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