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GFI - Scrum Coach

Réf.: RE-15399


Job Description


What do you do for GFI?


I am a Shepherd who guides and protects our Agile teams.  

Officially I'm a Scrum Coach   


How do you help Agile teams thrive?


I'm glad you ask!

The most important for me is being a facilitator. I keep our business machine well oiled!

  • I proactively seek out obstacles, and I help unblock them through empowering my colleagues. I do this by suggesting alternative Agile approaches.
  • My mind is geared towards finding solutions and continuous improvement in the way we work, with the help of my Agile and Scrum knowledge. 
  • I make sure that the collaboration between all parties (customer stakeholders, Product Owner, Dev Team...) runs smoothly.
  • I adapt Agile best practices to best suit the working environment and to optimize productivity.
  • I foster the teams to be self-managing.
  • I coach and support our customer in their transition towards an Agile mindset- change management plays a role here.
  • I keep our vision alive, and I ensure that our teams are always on track and working according to Agile/Scrum methodologies.
  • Demo's, retro's, planning sessions, stand-ups, backlog grooming, sprints are part of my daily vocabulary.


What does it take to be a Scrum Coach? 

  • As a facilitator and coach, it's important that I'm an approachable and open-minded colleague. Continuous improvement is a two-way street!
  • It might seem obvious, but communication is the key to success! Comprehending, repeating, summarizing, observing, writing, simplifying, critiquing, suggesting, asserting, chatting, presenting... I think you get the idea.  
  • It's also important that I'm a good decision maker. Decide on something, make sure that the team is capable of it, apply it in the team, and follow it up. Make it happen.
  • Being a stickler for organization and follow-up- that goes without saying!


Profile Description


What tools do you use?

Jira and Confluence, I'm also responsible to find new tools!



You will be working together with an open-minded group of colleagues; a group rich with a variety of personalities, backgrounds and work experience. 
A healthy dose of humor is certainly appreciated 
Cooperation and knowledge sharing is an everyday reality. Ideas are not only listened to, they are also shared and used. 


English is mandatory because it's our official way of communication within the team and towards the client. 
Dutch or French- we're in Belgium after all!  



As a consultant, you will have the chance to work in multiple environments, which will help you evolve in your career. For this opportunity, the main location will be in Brussels, because customer proximity is important to us.


Why GFI?

GFI is at the center of digital transformation. Our Digital Business Unit's mission is to help our customer's think 10 steps ahead - keeping their business models relevant in the face of digitalization.

Will you be our new Scrum Coach, committed to continuously delivering valuable software? Somebody who brings our Agile Team(s) to the next level of delivering excellence?



I've got what it takes, what can GFI offer me?

  • The opportunity to make a difference
  • A dynamic and stimulating environment with challenging missions and projects
  • The chance to work together with a team of specialists and a network of partners
  • Extensive tools to support you in your daily work
  • Several career opportunities in line with your expertise and interests
  • An attractive salary package with extensive benefits 

Description société

Gfi is a worldwide IT group employing 14.000 consultants, generating a turnover of € 1.015M. The local affiliate Gfi BeLux employs 260 consultants and generates a turnover of over € 25M. We have local offices in Leuven, Gent, Brussels, Wavre and Leudelange (LU). Gfi covers all phases of IT development and solutions lifecycles and focuses primarily on large organizations, governmental authorities and regional entities. As a solution provider and integrator Gfi combines people, technology, applications and information in order to make our customers business processes more flexible and efficient. Gfi focuses on digital and mobile technologies, on custom made developments as well as on packaged solutions, on large scale agile fixed price projects as well as on time & material services.

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