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Médecins Sans Frontières - EHealth Program Manager

Réf.: eHealth PM



The eHealth Unit in Msf-Ocb (Operational Center of Brussels) is a transversal unit under the leadership of Operations with strong Medical and IT participation. Its aim is to facilitate medical care and management of health services by providing efficient digital solutions which support and inspire field health workers towards effective analysis and operational decision-making. Broadly, the eHealth Unit objectives are

  • To facilitate the operational decision-making process by improving the management of medico-operational information
  • To reduce the workload of field health workers by reducing irrelevant information, removing duplicate data, and automating processes
  • To improve the medical data maturity of Msf-Ocb. 

Currently the eHealth team is organised into sections addressing medical data management, monitoring and surveillance (Mast), Emr, and an Operational Support unit comprising diverse activities such as Geographic Information Systems, Mobile Data Collection tools, design of AD hoc tools and maintenance configuration and training in eHealth tools.

The Program Manager is responsible for the Medical Information Network for Operational Support (Minos), Msf-Ocb's information system for monitoring the performance of field projects and epidemiologic surveillance. Timely, accurate, and useful information about activities is essential to maintain a high standard of care, to facilitate responsiveness to the changing health needs of our beneficiaries (e.g. outbreak response), and to enable informed decisions regarding operational strategy and the allocation of human and financial resources. Minos is currently based on internally developed software, which is due to be decommissioned in 2018, after which Minos will be based on Dhis2. Thus the main projects currently in the Program Manager's portfolio are the migration from Legacy Minos to Dhis2, the extension of Minos features to individual data and to longitudinal data and the rollout of the updated Minos to all Msf-Ocb projects.



Job Profile


In cooperation with key stakeholders, the Program Manager drives improvement in project monitoring, evaluation, epidemiological surveillance and clinical care by ensuring the effective use of Msf-Ocb's eHealth tools and continuously identifying and closing gaps between current eHealth capabilities and organizational needs embodied in Msf-Ocb's mission, objectives, and operational prospects and field contexts. He or she capitalizes on opportunities to develop Msf-Ocb's tools to provide better sharing of information, more efficient data collection, enhanced analyses and effective reporting for monitoring, evaluation, surveillance, and clinical support purposes.


Team Management:


The Program Manager brings together the eHealth team members involved in Msf-Ocb Monitoring and Surveillance Tools (Mast) and acts as a focal point for Mast

  • Functionally supervises the Application Administrator, who is responsible for providing operational support to field staff for configuration and use of tools.
  • Liaises with the IT Technical Lead responsible for Legacy Minos and Dhis2 to harmonise relevant technical requirements.
  • Directly supervises the eHealth Implementation Manager, who is responsible for deploying eHealth supported tools in the field, providing user training materials and decommissioning legacy systems. The main eHealth domain currently conducting non-pilot implementations of eHealth supported tools is Legacy Minos and Minos(Dhis2).
  • Acts as functional referent for applications in the Mast portfolio to the eHealth Operational Support section responsible for providing field support.


Monitoring and Surveillance Tools Program Management:


The Program Manager is responsible, in cooperation with key stakeholders, for establishing and executing a strategy to align standard and long-term support eHealth tools in the Mast portfolio with eHealth Unit Strategy, Medical Department Strategy, Operational Prospects and field needs by

  • Maintaining regular lines of communication with HQ Cells, medical referents, and the field to keep abreast of unmet and upcoming needs
  • Working with Msf partner sections, other Msf Operational Centers, and external partners and experts to remain up to date on best practices and identify and exploit opportunities to improve the eHealth Tools in his/her portfolio
  • Documenting and communicating the Mast strategy to all stakeholders

The Program Manager is responsible for the successful initiation, planning, design, execution, monitoring, controlling and closure of projects related to developing and deploying Minos and the migration from Legacy Minos to Dhis2

  • Working with project sponsor to establish project charter
  • Developing the project plan
  • Managing resources allocated to the project and reporting on project progress to the steering committee and other stakeholder groups
  • Overseeing the approval of any changes to the project scope and plan by the steering committee
  • Coordinating the activities and resources with interdependent projects and services
  • Closing projects and handing over all final products to the appropriate unit or department
  • Acting as or delegating the role of primary contact for external and internal service providers 
  • Coordinating the completion of internal tasks whose timely completion is required to avoid bottlenecks for outsourced work 
  • Monitoring work done by external providers and overseeing acceptance procedures
  • Together with the eHealth Implementation Manager, the Program Manager ensures that Minos is deployed and effectively used in the field according to the general eHealth Roadmap.

Dhis2 Product Management:


The Program Manager is responsible for the success of Minos including

  • Responsibility for ensuring the required level of knowledge and expertise about Dhis2 within Msf-Ocb
  • Determining appropriate use of Dhis2 other than in Minos
  • Ensuring Dhis2 meets Msf-Ocb needs and remains the best available choice in the market
  • Defining requirements and features, designing a roadmap based on prioritisation of features to add to Dhis2: extension of analytics, handling of individual data, handling of longitudinal data, better user experience. Responsibility for the file cycle of the product.
  • Responsibility for maintaining inside Dhis2 a consistent metadata schema that reflects the medical data structure as defined by the Medical and Operations Departments.

Service Management:

  • The Program Manager liaises with the Operational Support section of the eHealth Unit to ensure the best coverage of field needs through a combination of currently available short-term solutions, which are ultimately to be decommissioned in favour of standard, long term support tools under development.
  • Together with the Operational Support section, the Program Manager ensures the effective operation and use of tools in the Mast portfolio including:
    • Ensuring standard processes are established, communicated and respected to keep the systems operating reliably
    • Provide input, analysis, and validation for resolving complex, non-standard issues
    • Establishing and chairing a governance board to prioritize change requests for deployed systems
    • Assisting in the prioritization of incoming user requests and problems, escalating major requests to the governance board, and monitoring progress towards fulfilling such requests
    • Planning or validating the planning for significant changes to the systems
    • Communicating and defending established priorities to stakeholders and organizational decision making bodies


Candidate profile

  • 5 or more years' relevant professional experience
  • A Master's degree in Informatics (e.g. Health Informatics, Information Systems, Computer Science)
  • Experience in IT Project Management
  • Significant experience with highly customizable and analytical/statistical software
  • Aptitude for leadership, people management and collaboration
  • Adhere to our managerial values: Respect, Transparency, Accountability, Integrity, Trust, Empowerment
  • Analytical and strategic thinking
  • Excellent organizational and communication skills
  • Fluency in English; French is an asset
  • Availability to travel to and work in different field settings at least twice a year
  • Desirable:
    • Msf experience either in the field or in HQ
    • Knowledge of current tools used by Msf for project monitoring, evaluation, and surveillance
    • Software development experience
    • Experience in Data Science
    • Experience deploying and/or providing support for an enterprise level information system, with experience in health IS and IT specifically being a distinct advantage
    • Experience implementing and/or maintaining a Health Information System such as Minos, Openmrs or especially Dhis2



  • Open-ended contract - full-time - based in Belgium with field visits/work
  • Hospital Insurance (DKV) - Pension Plan - Canteen - 100% reimbursement for public transport costs
  • Starting date : immediate (ideally : December 27th)


Deadline for applications: December 3rd 2017



Interested candidates should send a cover letter and curriculum vitae stating eHealth manager in the title via the button below.

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MEDECINS SANS FRONTIERES is a non-governmental humanitarian aid organisation. We presently work in more than 60 countries, where our volunteers provide assistance to populations in distress and victims of conflict, irrespective of religion, philosophy or political convictions.

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