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Talent-IT - Support Engineer Service Desk


  • As a member of the clients onsite support team, you are the eyes, ears, hands and feet for Local IT. 
  • You Provide the Highest Level of IT Support (PC, Server and Network) to the Business in a quick and proactive manner, escalating where needed. 
  • You have a good understanding of single points of failure for the site and the Business Critical Systems. 
  • You are responsible for IT Asset Management
  • You Support Security & Compliance Initiatives in an active manner.
  • You Provide Backup to Other Team Members and assist in Documentation.
  • Understand and Use Tools Provided: 
    • ServiceNow
    • AMI
    • SCCM Remote Tool
    • WebJoin
    • Skype
    • SharePoint
    • Yammer (or Similar)
    • SCDM
    • PRM SharePoint 
    • PC Imaging
    • PC Import
  • You Promote and Contribute to Knowledge Management with Other Global Team Members
  • Your are responsible for Local Application Assistance: procuring licences, HW/SW environment. 
  • You are willing to conduct End User Training
  • You Support Process Improvement Initiatives

Description société

Talent-IT is a sourcing company that unites customers and IT-Talent across the full range of IT professions & technologies. We help our customers in finding the ideal IT-Talent for their permanent or project based vacancies. We help IT-Talent (employees and freelancers) in finding their ideal new permanent or project based vacancy.

Besides the right technical skills, we also think that culture, attitude, personality and languages are a crucial element in the matching process. Our business is Talent Management: to attract, to keep, coach, train and motivate IT-Talent, thanks to a broad view on IT and the business.

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