Over Amoobi

Amoobi is a strong and growing company looking for the best employees to enable a retail revolution by optimizing store layouts to customer behaviors. Amoobi is a leading international provider of in-store optimization based on customer behavior data using various technologies offering new data sources (Bluetooth and Wi-Fi tracking, cameras, ...) and our staff's retail expertise. Our missions vary from concept improvement, store estate clusterization, customer services optimization, reason to visit efficiency, store performance check-up, category review, .... We provide not only data analytics but also interpret the data into strategic actions. We work with top retailers in the do-it-yourself, electronics, consumer goods and food industries like Walmart group, Ikea, Media Markt, Carrefour, Delhaize and Metro Group.

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Software developer internship in a scrum team
Periode: tussen januari 2018 en december 2018
Duur: van 1 tot 4 weken, van 5 tot 10 weken, van 11 tot 15 weken, van 16 tot 20 weken, Meer dan 20 weken
Plaats: Nivelles
Mogelijkheid tot aanwerving: Ja


Kader/project We have a unique opportunity to develop a talent into a fast-growing start-up. You will join as Software Developer Intern in an Agile team to face challenges of new products development based on innovative technologies. Our technical environment is nice and modern. I cannot tell what exactly we will be doing at that time but I can promise you you will be fully integrated into the team and into the life of the company.

Opdracht As part of the R&D team of an innovative scale-up company, you will be required to bring your creativity and new ideas to contribute to the development of Amoobi. You will be integrated as a member of Amoobi team and be able to discover all the challenges bring by the development of a small growing company.

Technische omgeving We work mainly with Java, Python3 and Golang
Our environment is modern, Unix based, commonly using docker, ansible, ...
We did integrate some very nice open-source framework like influxdata, apache airflow, talend, ... As database we use MySQL, but also Redis. Git as source management.

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