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In the heart of Europe, just 1h20 by train from Paris, 1h30 from Amsterdam, and 1h50 from London and Cologne, the city of Brussels offers all the advantages of a capital city and the quality of life of a large and lively town.
Located in the city centre, the University campuses and surrounding areas are extremely attractive, providing just the right mix between study and leisure.


As a multicultural university with one third of students and researchers from abroad, international relations is a daily reality for the Université libre de Bruxelles, just like the city of Brussels itself, one of the world's most cosmopolitan cities.
Its outward-looking position with regard to Europe and the world has resulted in a number of agreements, collaborations and special partnerships being set up with some of the world's top universities.


Four scientific Nobel Prizes, one Fields Medal, three Wolf Prizes and two Marie Curie Prizes are further evidence of the University's longstanding tradition of excellence.
The Université libre de Bruxelles is an active member of the Research Area and is involved in almost 130 projects financed by the 7th European Framework Programmes. Over the past few years, it has obtained 7 starting Grants from the European Research Area (ERC) to finance research in Medicine, Economics, Mathematics, Sociology, or Political Science, as well as 2 Advanced Grant in Artificial Intelligence and Physics. In addition, the University's Institute for European Studies is recognized as a “Jean Monnet European research centre” for its work on European integration.


The Université libre de Bruxelles has developed a large spectrum of student support initiatives: e.g., financial and psychological support, guidance, French classes, etc.
Since its foundation in 1834, the Université libre de Bruxelles has been closely involved in the ongoing debate on critical thinking and freedom. This has included outspoken opposition to dictatorships and other nationalist abuses, the promotion of equal opportunities and a raft of other social issues. Based on the principle of free enquiry that postulates independent reasoning and the rejection of all dogma, the University has retained its original ideals as a free institution that is firmly engaged in the defence of democratic and human values.

Periode: tussen februari 2018 en juni 2018
Duur: van 5 tot 10 weken, van 11 tot 15 weken, van 16 tot 20 weken
Plaats: Brussels
Mogelijkheid tot aanwerving: Nee


Kader/project The internet and intranet sites of ULB - Brussels Free University are being revised, using a top new 'sites factory engine' called KSUP.

The ICT intranet site needs to be revisited, both content-wise and from an ergonomy perspective. The site needs t be both informational and to provide end-user support in a self-service mode.
Up-to-date contact methods (omnichannel) may also be experimented (like chatbot, as a kind of automated helpdesk).

Opdracht Actively participate in the design of the site in function of
- the support processes defined by the analysts
- investigation on various forms of self-service support

Actively participate in the contents editing of the new site.

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