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Anankei - Telecom Business System Owner

Ref.: 201 806 846

The job is situated within the “Production Solutions” team that is taking care of the Business Support and Management for the computer programs usedduring the rollout and documentation of the optical fibre -, mobile and copper network. The Office is located in Brussels.


Job description


As a member of the production solutions team, you're playing a key role for the interaction between the end users of the several Copper Network Applications and the IT department. Your task is to organize, document and steer the development, adaptations and improvements of adequate, effective and efficient tools to support all processes to install and document our networks.

You're the main contact point to bring project and process improvements into service that can have an impact on the applications in the responsability domain of Production Solutions. In your role of expert, you will closely work together with all business people and IT analysts to evaluate proposals and to challenge them if necessary. As a project leader at the customers' side, you will do an E2E follow up the development and technical solutions, during which your main focus will be bringing it into service in a correct way, without errors, meeting the users demands and expectations and giving/organizing the necessary training. It's important at all times to keep in mind the interests of all different stakeholders within and outside the organization.


Your responsibilities

  •  You take the lead and initiative to translate the business needs into requirements. For this you organise and lead the necessary workshops and you make the detailed technical en process documentation (Use cases, Mocups, UAT descriptions before development starts,...). You make sure all parties understand and agree on the scope, timing, feasibility, quality and detail of the requirements so that the developers can start working and that they know exactly what to deliver and test. You foresee sign offs by all concerned parties. These sign offs will be used to pass the project gates (Go For Maturation and Go For Execution). You also organize regular evaluations of what is being developed and you foresee key-users witnessing intermediate deliveries and the Itt.
  •  You do the validation of the detailed application specs and work to implement generic solutions as much as possible.
  •  You advise the management on priorities and scope of the releases.
  •  You write the test scenarios, do the follow up of the development and IT-tests and you organise the user tests in which you also participate. You are E2E responsible for the live cycle of detected bugs and their remediation (clarification, solutions, delivery, re-testing / UAT).
  •  You plan and collaborate to make the release notes, training kits, release related trainings, manuals adaptions, global courses about our applications and the network. You foresee the communication and presentations about these towards the teams and their managers.
  •  During the releases, based on the results of user tests, user feedback and related risk analysis, you advise for the Go/Nogo decision.
  •  During release weekends and evenings you do the follow up and tracking of all technical activities, take part in the sanity checks and the decision process in case of major and/or blocking problems.
  •  You're the 1st line contact for the internal key-users in case of problems, questions, possible bugs, missing functionalities, etc,... and you work closely together with the IT specialists of the involved domains to deal with these demands.
  •  In case of production bugs or incidents, you actively do the follow up until a solutions has been found and implemented.
  •  You organise and give training to new end-users.
  •  When necessary you organise initiatives about data quality (detection, reporting, corrections,...).


Your profile

  •  You're prepared to study in depth the functionalities and interactions between the different applications that are used or play a role in the context of Copper network documentation and roll out. (AutoCAD, Comsoft Fiberplanit, ,...).
  •  Analytical but solutions oriented approach. 
  •  Your ambition is to acquire a real in depth understanding of the user issues, demands and technical processes. You like to double check info and will not be satisfied with partial or high level explanations.
  •  You work in a structured way and you have good organizational skills.
  •  You are capable to work in a flexible way, autonomous and in a team and you like to take the initiative.
  •  You show honest and positive attitude and you can easily build bridges between the end-users and the IT experts.
  •  You have the capacity to rapidly acquire insight in organizational structures, processes and technical works done on the public domain.
  •  You posses the skill to interact with impact in a matrix managed environment, to negociate and to align between different visions and priorities, in order to come with a solution.
  •  You're able to set up together with a team detailed planning and procedures, including plan-B's and you are very strict in following up and implementing them.
  •  You like to give presentations, courses and writing technical and activities documents.
  •  You have a basic knowledge of IT-concepts and tools.
  •  You're holder of a Bachelor diploma or equivalent through experience
  •  You're able to perform all aspects of this job in Dutch, French and Engish.

Beschrijving bedrijf

Anankei is een jong bedrijf dat ICT consultants ter beschikking stelt van ondernemingen.

We doen dat snel en doelgericht, met veel aandacht voor het menselijke aspect.

De vraag 'past deze consultant bij de bedrijfscultuur?' is voor ons even belangrijk als de vraag of de ICT specialist aan het gevraagde technische profiel beantwoordt.

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Loyale consultants en heel tevreden klanten.

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