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Centric - Site Reliability Engineer + Application Automation (DevOps)

Ref.: DevOps
Centric - Site Reliability Engineer + Application Automation (DevOps)
Ref. DevOps

Role Description:


The DevOps person needs to be a person with a broad knowledge and interest in IT.

  • The person will help taking care of the Ipc landscape by investigating issues that arise in Prod and UAT.
  • The person will implement metrics inside applications for improvement of the application monitoring
  • The person will discuss/propose /review improvements with the application teams with regards to logging, performance, security.
  • The person will have to automate the deployment pipeline, prepare development infrastructure for continuous delivery/deployment.
  • The person will work across projects to perform deployments towards Dev/Test/UAT/Production
  • The person needs to perform system and integration tests on the different environments
  • The person will tackle technical impediments that are prohibiting some teams from continuing their development (like setting up local virtual machines using Vagrant, Chef, Puppet, solving issues with GIT flows)
  • The person will need to create Jenkins jobs, write Ansible playbooks and scripts to automate manual processes and to monitor systems, applications, endpoints,...
  • The person will be in charge for system administration and provisioning of new servers, patching, improving infrastructure
  • The person will be working closely with Central IT and Developers and may need to help to solve traditional IT issues (network, database ...) and act as a bridge between the two departments.
  • Will participate in technical meetings


Core Accountabilities

  • Experience in Java & Maven is mandatory
  • Experience in Oracle is mandatory
  • Experience in Jenkins is mandatory
  • Experience in GIT is mandatory
  • Experience in Linux is mandatory/System administration
  • Experience in Tomcat is mandatory
  • Experience in Agile Methodologies is mandatory
  • Experience in scripting is important, specifically Groovy, Bash, Python & Perl


Essential qualities

  • Experience with monitoring software, like Nagios/Icinga2 is important
  • Experience in Vagrant is important
  • Experience in Docker is important
  • Experience in Ansible is important
  • Experience in GitLab is important
  • Experience with using/scripting Rest & similar APIs
  • Experience with JSON data structures
  • Experience with Atlassian Stack especially Jira & Confluence : design, creating projects, workflows, automation.


Experience in VMware is important

  • 3 years plus experience
  • Team player
  • Problem solving
  • Eager to learn new technologies
  • Solutions driven
  • Pragmatic mindset
  • Flexible mindset, keeping priorities of different teams in mind
  • Adaptable to change in priorities
  • Ability to take ownership and keep team informed
  • Finds documentation important
  • Ability to understand decisions although you are not in favor
  • Good English language skills


Nice to have

  • Experience with Sonatype Nexus
  • Experience with Sonar
  • Experience with Elk Stack (Logstash)
  • Experience with Grafana
  • Experience with Dell Netvault & Tape Libraries, centralised backups, offline vaulting
  • Experience with AWS specifically EC2 and S3 (virtual machines & Storage)
  • Experience with OpenShift/kubernetes, docker Swarm
  • Experience with OpenStack
  • Experience with Oracle databases
  • Experience with Elastic search
  • Experience as Windows administrator
  • Experience with large scale systems patching (eg. RedHat satellite, Spacewalk, Foreman)


Desirable qualities

  • Degree level or equivalent
  • International transport / Postal industry knowledge
 With 400 employees Centric Belgium is a significant player in the Belgian IT market. We are headquartered in Oostkamp (Bruges), with an additional site in Zaventem (Brussels). Centric Belgium serves around 1,000 clients in Belgium, from small and midsize companies to multinationals.

Centric Belgium's three key competencies are: IT Solutions, offering construction of standard software for markets such as the construction and retail sectors and the supply chain; Systems & Services, providing management and optimisation of systems and infrastructure for medium and large companies; IT Professionals, supplying high-level IT consultants.

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