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AfinIT - Backend Developer

Do you want to be part of a leading company? Are you attracted by the possibility to work in the energy industry combined with the digital world? 

Then you are the one we are looking for to join our customer as a Software Developer to support the engineering team. 

Our client is a worldwide industry and energy leader with headquarters in Brussels. focused on innovative InHouse build software solutions to support the engineering team. 


Who are you ?

  • You are a backend developer but you like to fiddle on the frontend.
  • You are a talented, motivated, intense, and interesting co-worker
  • You are able to work in Brussels
  • As a creative developer, you like to create and maintain nice and high-quality digital products, for any existing or future medium. 
  • You have experience with rest-API's and Node.js backends but also you have a keen eye for good user experience and have a love for all new things concerning JavaScript, HTML & CSS. 
  • Most of all: you're not afraid to try new and unknown things, based on the knowledge you have.
  • You'll get the chance to work on state-of-the-art digital creations, including, but not  limited to: JS-based websites, progressive WebApps, WebAR and WebVR experiences, complex business API's, JS-based AI and WebGL masterpieces. Whatever JavaScript- based challenge you're looking for, we can provide it! 


Everyone in our team gets the opportunities to shape his or her own role, so depending on your experience and professional goals we'll also throw in some architectural and/or project-direction challenges.


Let's see how we can help each other grow, shall we? 


What's your role ? 

  • You are a backend developer with a good knowledge of frontend development.
  • You have at least 2 years of experience
  • You have JavaScript in your core 
  • Be a valuable member in the R&D team, destined to create great JavaScript-based  products, using  backend frameworks like Node js  but also frontend frameworks like Angular, React, Vue,...
  • Innovate using technologies such as AI, data connections, data analytics, ..., using your broad JavaScript-knowledge. 
  • Share your knowledge and experience in a way that suits you and your ambitions 
  • Enjoy our flexible way of working 


What does our client offer?

  • Provide you with a tailor-made and very competitive offer                                                                                             
  • Set you up with all the equipment you can possibly need
  • Help you grow, whatever role you're aiming for
  • Welcome you with open arms 
  • Our client team will be very nice to you, we promise! ??

Company description

AfinIT is a services company created by seasoned management and recruitment professionals. AfinIT was created with a vision of cost effective but qualitative services for your recruitments combined with unparalleled industry and local knowledge.
We are financially independent, meaning that we do not have to work under the commercial pressure like larger organizations.

We are also aware of the important choices that candidates are making by following our advices or guidance.

Our customers value this approach through exclusive relationships and repeated trust.

We believe in people, we believe in networking for today and tomorrow, we believe in a structured approach, this why we are "people interaction architects".

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