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Centric - OpenShift Expert

Centric - OpenShift Expert



Our client have a major project ongoing called IaaS/PaaS which is part of IT Transformation  (called QEE now).

The IaaS part is OpenStack and is managed by the Cloud team

The PaaS part is OpenShift and is managed by WAS Engineering and WAS Operations.


Currently our client have 4 OpenShift experts in the WAS Engineering team who are responsible of designing the platform, customizing the installation process, performing the first installation, troubleshooting issues, ...




  • We are looking for a senior experienced OpenShift expert having already hands-on experience with RedHat OpenShift Container Platform with other customers.
  • Preferably more than 3-4 years of experiences.
  • He/She should be de facto very familiar with Docker & Kubernetes concepts as it is the core of the OpenShift platform.
  • The person should also know some commonly used developers tools : GIT, Jenkins, ... in order be able to integrate them into OpenShift
  • A knowledge of OpenStack is also welcome (no in depth but at least the main concepts and differences with VMware for ex)
  • This person would also be responsible of the coordination of the work done by the other experts on top of being specialist in the product (some other soft skills like leadership / good communication, .. would also be required)
 With 400 employees Centric Belgium is a significant player in the Belgian IT market. We are headquartered in Oostkamp (Bruges), with an additional site in Zaventem (Brussels). Centric Belgium serves around 1,000 clients in Belgium, from small and midsize companies to multinationals.

Centric Belgium's three key competencies are: IT Solutions, offering construction of standard software for markets such as the construction and retail sectors and the supply chain; Systems & Services, providing management and optimisation of systems and infrastructure for medium and large companies; IT Professionals, supplying high-level IT consultants.

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