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Brainbridge - DevOps Engineer

Réf.: R16734


  • Evolutions like Cloud are bringing the worlds of development and operations ever more close to each other. This enables Cloud-native start-ups to innovate and disrupt in an increasingly rapid pace. The client has innovation in its blood and fully embraces Cloud in its innovation strategy. Product teams get end-to-end responsibility to develop, release and support new products in the Cloud. This helps us to achieve the necessary speed and agility to innovate in this rapidly evolving technology landscape.
  • As a DevOps engineer, you will be part of a small team which delivers new products, mainly focusing on Digital, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. This team consists of business and technical people and its focus is delivering value. Since the team is small and has end-to-end responsibility, you are expected to be flexible in the roles you take: development, testing, operations, solution design, security and more. This also means that you will always get opportunities to learn new roles and technologies.
  • Technologies:
  • Building a product requires many skills and technologies, you will be assigned tasks within your skillset and will be encouraged to learn and expand your skillset by working with others. You are expected to be proficient in some but not all of the following technologies


Technical skills

  • Azure: ARM, Databricks, HD Insight, Eventhub, CosmosDB
  • Big Data: Spark, Spark Streaming, ElasticSearch, Kafka
  • Programming Languages: Python, Scala, Java, Java-Script
  • Others: Kubernetes, Machine Learning, React, D3


Soft skills

  • Learning: The most important skill we are looking for is eagerness to learn. We are driving innovation within the client, which means that the learning never stops. We expect you to see this as an opportunity rather than a burden.
  • Business first: Building well engineered solutions is important but they are worth nothing without business value. You realize this and are able to make well balanced decisions in terms of solution design and business value.
  • Team player: You will be closely working together in a small team consisting of business and technology people. You realize that collaboration is the only way of achieving the goal of creating business value.
  • Analytical skills: Technology is the main driver for innovation. You easily grasp new concepts and enjoy brainstorming sessions to find the solution for the next technical problem.

Description société

Brainbridge was founded in 1998 as a small independent company but with a great vision: “to be a market leader in the provision of innovative WorkForce & IT solutions”. Since then, Brainbridge has grown out to be a strong and reliable ally for all flexible staffing and IT business continuity challenges.

We started as a mono-disciplinary company but can now call ourselves a Hybrid WorkForce Partner with the ability to provide not only suitable IT Professionals but also contract management, high potential young graduates, engineering profiles and MSP services.

In 2013 we moved to brand new offices, located right next to our former headquarters at the Noorderlaan in Antwerp. With 900 square meters of office space, our ambitions to grow even further are well covered.

In 2016 Brainbridge IT Staffing managed a turnover of 30,5 million euro with a total of 225 contracts and a team consisting of 15 people.

As we are growing fast, our team now consists of 23 people.

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