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Brainbridge - Functional Analyst Medior

Réf.: R15555

IRM en Act waken over de bescherming van de bedrijfsgegevens en -informatie.

Om het lekken van vertrouwelijke gegevens (Data Leakage) te voorkomen en op te volgen zet de klant in op beveiligingssoftware.


Per 1 September 2018 wordt de Enterprise Mobility + Security Overview (MS EMS E5) applicatie in gebruik genomen.

Het Security Operations Center (SOC) zal deze module configureren, beheren en opvolgen. De opzet en opvolging zal gebeuren in nauwe samenwerking met de Information Security Officers van IRM (IT - ISO's) en het Anti Cybercrime Team (Act - Business ISO's).



Taak is

  • Evalueren welke MS EMS E5 features out-of-the-box beschikbaar zijn & hoe ze customiseerbaar zijn. Dit gebruik makend van de O365 Cloud Management console.
  • In samenspraak met business Information Security Officers evalueren welke alarmen zinvol zijn en welke rapporten gewenst worden.
  • De gewenste alarmen en rapporten configureren en uittesten.
  • In samenspraak met Business- en IT-ISO's acties definiëren in geval van incidenten (bv. bijkomend Compliance contacteren).

Description société

Brainbridge was founded in 1998 as a small independent company but with a great vision: “to be a market leader in the provision of innovative WorkForce & IT solutions”. Since then, Brainbridge has grown out to be a strong and reliable ally for all flexible staffing and IT business continuity challenges.

We started as a mono-disciplinary company but can now call ourselves a Hybrid WorkForce Partner with the ability to provide not only suitable IT Professionals but also contract management, high potential young graduates, engineering profiles and MSP services.

In 2013 we moved to brand new offices, located right next to our former headquarters at the Noorderlaan in Antwerp. With 900 square meters of office space, our ambitions to grow even further are well covered.

In 2016 Brainbridge IT Staffing managed a turnover of 30,5 million euro with a total of 225 contracts and a team consisting of 15 people.

As we are growing fast, our team now consists of 23 people.

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