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Connect People - Full Stack Python Software Developer

We are looking for a full stack Python software developer within our department specialized in Applied Mathematics, Data Science, IoT and Software Engineering.

Our department is designing digital products and software as a service that integrate the different industrial activities of our client in order to address the needs of our customers.

If you want to work in an R&D environment, start-up like but with the solidity of a large company, with challenges, with elegant architectures, with new technologies and with great colleagues, this job is for you!



Our technologies and digital environment


Our team works with state-of-the-art technologies and efficient ways of working. To name a few, thearchitecture is micro-service oriented. The infrastructure and software culture is DevOps, with infrastructure as code, automated deployment, continuous integration, continuous monitoring and automated unit testing & integration testing. The end products are products or software as a service.


In our team, quality and bringing value matter a lot!



Examples of technologies we use

  • Python
  • GIT, Gitlab, Gitlab CI, PyCharm, Conda, Vagrant, VirtualBox
  • Ansible, Docker, Docker Swarm, DockerHub
  • Kafka, Redis
  • AWS (S3, CloudFront, EC2, KMS, eBS, EFS, RDS, SNS, SES, ELB, Route53)
  • MariaDB, MongoDB, InfluxDB, Elastic Search, Elastic Cloud, mongo-engine, SQLAlchemy
  • Nginx, Flask, uwsgi, swagger, celery, pytest,
  • OAuth2, OpenIDConnect, Okta
  • HTML5, Angular
  • NewRelic, Fluentd



  • programming, in collaboration with other members of our team (analysts, designers, programmers, math experts)
  • depending on experience, technical design in collaboration with Senior developers


Priorities, from most important to less important

  • Passion for elegant solutions, motivation to excel in programming; attention to detail and correctness.
  • Quality in programming; correctness of algorithms and code; code clarity & comments; code reusability; unit testing; correct use of design patterns.
  • Collaboration and communication with colleagues.
  • Strong knowledge of a programming language (preference for Python or Java under Linux), including the understanding of the behind-the-scene operations performed by the language.
  • General IT knowledge
  • Working knowledge of English + ideally either Dutch or French



  • Must have a master degree in computer science, or equivalent, with a strong preference for master degree in applied sciences (e.g., burgelijk ingenieur, ingénieur polytech, ingénieur civil).
  • Some info on the project/applications. What we offer is diversity, great colleagues and interesting projects (energy systems of tomorrow, condition monitoring of industrial assets,...). 10% internal applications to support the internal processes of our client. 90% technical applications to support the products and services of our client to its customers.
  • Technical applications are always in collaborations with colleagues, mathematicians and software designers.
  • Especially, the focus of the present mission is on the software part, not on the mathematical part which is done by colleagues. A concrete example is the interfacing, including all objet conversions, between a mathematical kernel and electrical vehicle charging stations, including the scheduling of processing tasks, error handling, communication with other web services, communication with Embedded devices, etc.
  • Another example is the industrialization of an existing prototype of mathematical kernel, e.g., estimation of the mechanical stress of a boiler based on historical data. Another example is a web application to help users assess and predict the fouling, based
  • on the laboratory characteristics of the fuel.

Description société

Connect People est une société de consultance IT et de recrutement. A travers ses valeurs d'honnêté et de transparence Connect People vous aide à trouver le job idéal correspondant à vos attentes.

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