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Contracts IT - Risk & Compliance Manager



Dutch and/or French with understanding of the other language.



About the Role


Monitoring compliance with the legal framework with regard to GDPR, money laundering and employees, Monitoring and advising on operational processes and risks, in order to be compliant, to reduce or avoid operational risks and to  contribute to the integrity of the Client.



  1. Formulating Advice

Advising management on risks, guidelines or possible optimization within compliance and risk management, in order to provide information that helps in making management choices. 

  • Inform management about operational and/or compliance risks associated with the implementation of new products or services, organizational changes etc. 
  • Formulate proposals to management on how they can apply the legal framework as correctly as possible in practice, taking into account the commercial interests of the organization. 

      2. Installing compliance procedures and control mechanisms 


Providing tools, procedures and knowledge to employees, in order to act in accordance with the Clients compliance policy and also identify possible malpractice or compliance risks with customers.

  • Establish or adjust, in consultation with management, procedures, tools and/or instructions for employees to ensure good governance and ethical conduct, as well as to enable them to identify compliance risks. 
  • Training and sharing one's own knowledge and expertise with colleagues regarding Belgian legislation related to the banking and insurance sector (e.g. GDPR, anti-fraud etc.).

       3. Supervising compliance guidelines and sharing expertise


Ensuring compliance with the compliance guidelines and advising on a possible approach based on own expertise and knowledge, in order to avoid reputation damage to the Client. 

  • Ensuring compliance with the compliance guidelines, including by means of monitoring (e.g. compliance with GDPR legislation). 
  • Acting as a point of contact for the employees with questions or suspected violations. 
  • Investigate specific cases (customer files) or breaches and detect possible causes. 
  • Formulating advice with regard to the compliance risk or working out a concrete solution. 
  • Reporting incidents to the necessary authorities/stakeholders. 

        4. Periodic risk follow-up 


Organizing periodic risk monitoring and identifying compliance or operational risks and possible approaches to enable management to take appropriate actions in a timely manner. 

  • Analysing internal processes for operational risks and compliance. 
  • Detecting risks (risk assessment) and determining the probability and impact.
  • Advising management with regard to an approach and priorities. 
  • Support management in developing an approach to manage risks. 
  • Acting as an intermediary between the project leader(s) who put the elaborated approach into practice and the management

        5. Facilitating audits 


Guiding audits and following up on the recommendations in order to improve the compliant operation of the Client in line with the legislative framework. 

  • Acting as the central contact person for the auditors. 
  • Facilitating the audit (e.g. ensuring access to data).
  • Following up recommendations from internal or external specialists, analysing them and proposing them to management. 
  • Support management in the elaboration of an approach.

          6. Evolutions and developments 


To keep oneself continuously informed of the evolutions and developments in the legislative framework related to the banking and insurance sector (e.g. GDPR, anti-fraud), in order to guarantee correct application of the legislation and to share this knowledge. 

  • Follow up changes in the legislative framework related to the field and disseminate this information internally. 
  • Exchange of knowledge and information among the Chief Operating Risk Manager specialists of other divisions. 
  • Keeping abreast of changes in the procedures proposed by the Client. 
  • Participate in internal and external training. 


An amazing opportunity to work with an international, well-respect Client based in Belgium, within a dynamic environment offering personal and professional development over the longer term. 


The Client is offering extensive benefits & competitive basic salary, alongside remote working balanced with on-site.

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Contracts IT specializes in the provision of contract & permanent IT professionals throughout Europe and the World. One of the key recruiting challenges in today's market is the time, expense and resources to locate, screen and evaluate qualified IT candidates.

What sets us apart?

'It is the knowledge and experience of our consultants that have given us the success we have today'. Through our European alliance, Contracts IT is afforded a number of benefits including access to a European-wide database and multilingual consultants. Contracts IT Recruiters enable clients to outsource all of the initial screening, assessment and recruitment process, thereby saving hiring managers valuable time while reducing associated expenses.

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