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Eventattitude - .NET Developer

 You like to wear slide sandals with socks?

You track your steps during your phone calls?
You can read the visual acuity chart with 3D glasses?


It's sure! You're some kind of unique.
And we already love that!







As a .NET Developer you are responsible of the development and maintenance of applications while working in collaboration with various departments.
You work on legacy softwares as well as have the opportunity to create our brand new framework.
Domain activities are multiple such as GIFs creating, photobooths, color keying, 360° videos and many more.



  • Develop softwares with existing systems and evaluate new technologies for the implementation of the new framework
  • Collaborate with a team of developers to develop apps based on the Sales Team's specifications
  • Work closely with a team of designers to applicate specifications and solutions who exceed customer requirements
  • Work with the different teams to debug software issues and ensure powerful softwares quality
  • Bring innovation and cutting edge technologies to current and future products
  • Monitor the app throughout its developing process
  • Help the Sales Team with your expertise during skills/budget consultations





  • You have 3-5 years experience in development and can explain why you're killing at what you do.
  • Excellent knowledge in .NET, C#, C++ is a plus (indeed!)
  • Knowledge in web technologies (PHP, HTML5 / CSS3, Javascript, jQuery, Ajax), in any kind of frameworks and in Adobe apps are also a plus.



  • You're able to seek and learn by yourself
  • You're a good team player as you'll have to work with other developers/designers and refer to other departments as well.
  • You have a strong eye for details just as you're efficient and reliable
  • You're interested in exploring new technologies (VR, social media,...)
  • You're cool as a cucumber and flexible in rushing work periods.
  • You're fluent in French and/or Dutch and able to understand technical English.




Full-time contract
+ Company car
+ Flexibility
+ Bonus





Your updated resume and portfolio.
(No cover letter needed. We already know that you want to work with us!)

Description société

When two people want to start a conversation, they often need a pretext.
Whether it is the latest news or the weather outside, any kind of hook is welcome to break the ice.
When a brand wants to meet the public or a company get closer to its customers... it's the same!
And that's exactly when Eventattitude comes into play.

How can a brand catch the attention of consumers walking in the aisles of a trade show or a shopping mall?
How can that same brand interest people on an event it sponsors - whether they are festival-goers at Rock Werchter or fans at a Red Devils game?
What can a company set up to ensure that its employees interact in a fun way at the next staff party?
All kind of issues that Eventattitude has been handling over the last 16 years, building itself a unique expertise...

Eventattitude's very specific core business is to design and set up fun and interactive devices that enable a brand to start a conversation with its consumers.

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