N° Référence: SO-16425
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GFI - Project Leader Logo Change

Réf.: SO-16425

End-to-end Project Management for the Logo-change project. The old company Logo will be replaced by the new one in all of our documents and systems.




  1. Project Management

    • Project Initiation: start off the project by making an extremely detailed inventory of all the places, all the systems, were the logo needs to be replaced. You will coordinate with stakeholders and think about feasibility, milestones, planning, linking with other projects, issues, ...
    • Project Execution: Coordination and monitoring that all changes are implemented according to plan, report issues and find solutions.
    • Project Monitoring and Reporting: Recurrent reporting within the existing governance structures
    • Project Testing: setting up, coordinating and achieve all necessary testing
    • Project Implementation: full execution until implementation is completed.
    • Experience and proven skills in project management and project planning are absolutely necessary to keep the overview and to keep everything structured so you can deliver the project within a budget and within the timing via a high-performance project approach.
  2.  Resources and capabulities

    • You will work within the MultiCanal and Digital department and will work closely together with the IT-responsible.
    • You report in a structured manner to the existing governance structures
  3.  Motivation and mobilization

    • You will need perseverance to make sure you achieve the results needed and don't get stuck in the maze of systems and people involved.
    • You will need people skills to motivate people to support this change even if it means extra workload and to maneuver around people that can react in a resistant way to the changes.
    • You must be able to talk on a deep level with both IT profiles and Business profiles.



  • You have a Bachelor or master's degree
  • You speak Dutch and French fluently
  • You have good knowledge and relevant experience in project management
  • You have applied knowledge of project management methodology
  • You have experience in Risk Management
  • You have experience in Quality management
  • You have excellent written and oral communication, able to communicate at different levels of the organization
  • You are proactive
  • You are flexible
  • You are pragmatic and results-oriented
  • You can work autonomous

Description société

Gfi is a worldwide IT group employing 14.000 consultants, generating a turnover of € 1.015M. The local affiliate Gfi BeLux employs 260 consultants and generates a turnover of over € 25M. We have local offices in Leuven, Gent, Brussels, Wavre and Leudelange (LU). Gfi covers all phases of IT development and solutions lifecycles and focuses primarily on large organizations, governmental authorities and regional entities. As a solution provider and integrator Gfi combines people, technology, applications and information in order to make our customers business processes more flexible and efficient. Gfi focuses on digital and mobile technologies, on custom made developments as well as on packaged solutions, on large scale agile fixed price projects as well as on time & material services.

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