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NRB - Security Architect

In order to enforce our Security team, with a focus on specific security related topics & upskill, we are urgently looking for a Security Architect.



  • Integrate Security from and end to end perspective in the context of development projects delivery & integration by :
    • Conception of Specific security requirements & guidelines for technologies used in the concerned domain.
    • Delivering end-2-end view on the interfaces,       in- & out data   (application cartography)
    • Architecture security, configuration security management view (eg. Reverse proxy set-up, traceability...)
  • Complete & correct CMDB on security aspects in collaboration with As
  • Remediate security weaknesses in the code based on SonarQube reporting (1st focus : crown jewel app's)
  • Assessment of Interactive service accounts security
  • Inventory software maintenance contracts and assessment with regards to security requirements
  • Remediate intrusion test issues
  • Assist with Qualys issue remediation eg. Assess application impact, understand risk to the application, ...
  • Pro-actively understand where in the applications/projects  security risks reside  (eg infra , waivers...), execute risk assessment,  propose (alternative) solutions, ...
  • Coach the delivery teams in security related topics, understand security best practices for the technologies used & promote
      • Either together with Central security team  and/or expert team
      • Either create themselves if non-existing based on market standards



  • Security Architect with experience of projects in large companies, with multiple technologies and complex integration solutions
  • Architecture/design/integration security skills with extensive knowledge of OWASP standard
  • Leadership and capabilities to evangelise security among development and integration teams
  • Knowledge of Devsecops
  • Focus on Security Aspects in Architecture and Design topics

Description société

The NRB Group's mission is to ensure ICT makes everybody's life better. To do so, we commit to provide IT services and solutions that are of the highest quality, reliable and secure to the key sectors on which society runs; the public and social sector, health care, utilities, finance, industry and international organisations. We help our customer to fully capitalize on the assets of ICT: for optimizing and accelerating their processes, for innovating and growing their business and for transforming their business to better fit the new digital reality.
Our subsidiaries mainly focus on specific vertical sectors, while relying on the scale and the state-of-the-art ICT infrastructure of NRB. The Xperthis Group is the Belgian leading company of ICT for health care. Civadis, Cevi and Logins are the specialized partners of the local authorities. Afelio is a specialist in digital (web, mobile ...) and marketing technologies. Last but not least, Trasys International is a European Economic Interest Grouping, part of the NRB Group, which aims at delivering IT services, solutions and consulting to International Public and Corporate Organisations.

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