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People & Technology - DevOps Coach

The role of the coach is to help the product development teams to adopt best practices for developing, testing, deploying and releasing applications.

In this role it's important to have an end-to-end SDLC view with strong technical and coaching skills.



You will improve deliverables of the team by

  • training and assisting them to analyse their current situation
  • helping them build a plan choosing improvements from following services
    • Software craftsmanship
    • BDD/TDD
    • CI/CD
    • Value Stream Mapping
    • Agile Testing
    • Gherkin (DSL)
    • Trunk base development
  • You will work with the squads of the tribe and other DevOps squad coaches to improve the way of working by
    • Helping to identify and fix key pain points in the process
    • Facilitating the relationship with the tools teams. Help the tool(s) team to understand what the development teams need. Help the development team using the tools available to them in the correct way.


The existing platform covers

  • Continuous build / integration
  • Automated deployment
  • Code scanning tools (quality / security)
  • Testing tools: unit testing, test automation, service virtualization, performance testing, test management
  • Collaboration tools
  • Release Management
  • Workstation development tools


The main development platforms are

  • Java / iOS / Android / JavaScript

Candidate needs to keep up-to-date on industry standards and evolutions and use this knowledge to propose evolutions and improvements.




  • Very good knowledge of English
  • French and/or Dutch is a plus



  • Strong experience in implementation of continuous build, integration and deployment systems
  • Strong development profile with a proven coaching experience and good understanding of the SDLC
  • Profound experience working in or with Agile development teams


Technical Experience     

  • Agile frameworks
  • Impact mapping, story mapping, example mapping
  • Software development models
  • Administration, setup and maintenance of continuous build and integration platforms
  • Java development and build
  • Source code (SVN/GIT) and artefact repositories (Nexus)
  • Scripting languages for automation
  • Code scanning tools (Sonar / Fortify) is a plus
  • Mobile development tools for Android and iOS platforms is a plus
  • Containers (Docker / Kubernetes) is a plus


Soft skills            

  • Team player
  • Quick self-starter, pro-active attitude
  • Quick learner
  • Good Communication and Influencing skills
  • Good analytical and synthesis skills
  • Autonomy, commitment and perseverance
  • Ability to work in a dynamic and multi-cultural environment
  • Flexible, accurate & control minded.
  • Be able to work in a team, and with different groups in the organization, provide information and part of the solution, communication skills.
  • Assertive and result-oriented
  • Good networking skills
  • Community oriented
  • Teacher/mentor
  • Curiosity
  • Optimistic

Description société

People & Technology est une société de services belge fondée en 2002.

Dès notre arrivée sur le marché, nous avons pu compter parmi nos clients des leaders de l'industrie et des entreprises de Fortune 500 actives dans les secteurs bancaires, assurance, pharmaceutique, industriel et public, et nous en sommes fiers. Nous leur offrons une grande variété de services, et mettons à leur disposition des ressources dans le cadre de projets au forfait ou à prix fixe, allant de l'analyse et la mise en œuvre, à l'intégration et au développement sur mesure. Nous ménageons nos efforts pour attirer et garder les meilleurs professionnels de l'informatique et consultants sur le marché car nous savons que le talent fait toute la différence.

People & Technology prend le temps de comprendre les besoins de ses clients. Dans les moments difficiles, nous essayons toujours de trouver une solution. Notre mission est claire : aider nos clients à atteindre leurs objectifs.

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