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Spie - Junior Bilingual IT Support Back-up

Ben jij het talent dat we zoeken?

About SPIE

The ICS division is the IT expertise of SPIE Belgium. Our ambition is to support and facilitate the digital transformation of our customers, a real cornerstone of their growth. Our global approach is to co-create robust and agile ICT solutions focused on our customers' challenges with the goal of increasing performance and simplifying the user experience.

SPIE Belgium - Division ICS designs, integrates, operates and finances comprehensive and scalable ICT solutions ranging from the user environment to the datacenter and securing all of our customers' data

Spie - Junior Bilingual IT Support Back-up


  • We are looking for someone bilingual FR / NL.
  • We need someone to assure our backup. Its means replace our consultants during they holidays or sickness.
  • The perfect candidate is on the beginning of his/her career. No need to have a lot of experience. A degree  in IT is enough. We will train you and increase your skills.
  • You will be hire with an undetermined time contract with full package (company car, insurances, Smartphone...).

Don't apply if you are not bilingual NL /FR you have no chance to be selected.



Roles and Responsibilities


Desk Side Support (DSS):

  • Perform specific Hardware and software repairs.
  • Provide maintenance and repairs on older Customer Hardware including desktop, laptop, workstation, mobile Phone
  • Ensure appropriate maintenance coverage for all services and Services Levels
  • Perform diagnostics and maintenance on Customer equipment
  • Request maintenance service assistance from third party suppliers, if necessary
  • Install or reinstall software on site, if necessary if source and licence provided (no custom configuration)
  • Restore desktop/laptop, including if necessary: The reinstallation of the agreed software release standards or, if necessary, the current release. The adequate configuration of drivers and similar types of software associated, for example, with printing, etc. Setting parameter in the customer environment.
  • Help end User to Backup / restore their data
  • Manage and Perform backup of data to be restored in case of hard drive failure.
  • Send maintenance report for approval
  • Install manufacturer's field chance orders, service packs, firmware and software maintenance release, etc. on-site if necessary
  • Replace defective parts including preventive maintenance, according to the manufacturer's published mean-time-between failure statistics
  • Conduct maintenance and spare parts management and monitoring during warranty and off-warranty periods
  • Replace the defective equipment with a new or reconditioned item of equivalent
  • Conduct maintenance and parts management and monitoring during warranty and of-warranty periods
  • Plan, store and manage necessary spare stocks for maintenance activity in coordination with physical stock management


User Requests services:

  • Implement preparation procedures
  • Receive Change Request, start and follow Change Request procedures
  • Plan project and major Change Requests (in project mode)
  • Plan minor change in day to day mode
  • Conform requirements with Customer Cabling Team
  • Complete dispatching activities
  • Inform and coordinate with relevant Departments of the Customer
  • Coordinate technical resources adaptation outside the perimeter if necessary
  • Make an appointment with User & check technical environment
  • Backup-resort User data if necessary
  • Prepare and configure the new Hardware and/or the software Customer system



  • Register incident when End user did not with Service Desk
  • Take in charge at spot, DSS incident in relation with Maintenance Team
  • Provide courtesy equipment's to End user when necessary (delay in Hardware replacement)
  • Help end user to backup and restore local data if necessary
  • Provide iMac related Hardware



  • Manage incident and request in accordance to SLA
  • Provide loan equipment to End User when it is not possible to repair Authorised User's End User devices
  • Provide hands and fit support for virtual event or Visio Conferences


Don't apply if you are not bilingual FR / NL you have no chance to be selected.

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