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Talencia Consulting - EDI Consultant


Duration: 6 months + extensions




  • Dealign with the EDI guidelines (transport documentation, messages EDI-EDIFACT/vda
  • Dealign with supply chain (expedition, provisioning, ...)
  • You will deal with the interfaces linked to ERP's (forecast, SO, invoicing...)
  • Some project management, analysis, documenting & testing



  • Min 5 years experience with EDI/Electronic Data interchange
  • Proven experiene with supply chain (in/out)
  • Experience with XML & SQL
  • Experience with interfacing with ERP
  • Experience interfacing with WMS
  • Experience with analysis needs
  • Experience dealing with documentation.

Description société

Talencia is a Belgian recruitment consultancy specialized in providing freelance IT staffing.
Talencia's name reflects our commitment to you - a business partnership designed to make the best match between clients and talents.
Our experienced recruitment consultants have an extensive knowledge in the IT field. They will work in close collaboration with you in order to provide you with the highest quality service.
We at Talencia understand the needs and expectations of both our clients and talented IT professionals seeking contract work. We consider every assignment as unique and experience has taught us the importance of flexibility, in order to adapt to client's requirements in a rapidly evolving market trends.

Through a dedicated and bespoke candidate service, Talencia works with you, to find the company/organization to match your career aspirations and talents

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