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Talent-IT - Functional Analyst IT / Project Manager Billing Automation

Réf.: MG-FA-PM



The company's billing department is exploring opportunities to further automate its end-to-end billing processes. It has multiple operational systems in place, some of whom are managed locally and some globally by our Group IT department. Each of these operational systems is linked to the billing-system to a greater or lesser extent, with varying degrees of automated interfacing. Currently, a first list of concrete automation initiatives has already been drawn up based on an internal assessment of the main billing items where the interfacing with the underlying operational data is not fully automated. Each of these initiatives should contribute to a more digitalized, automated process flow, avoiding time-consuming manual labor and human errors, in order to facilitate our billing employees to focus more on value-adding work.


The delivery of each of these automation initiatives would require a thorough functional analysis, based on active collaboration with the billing clerks, followed by translating these functional needs into a technical requirements document that can be used to discuss the integration of these requirements into the systems at hand with the respective application owners. A committed and pro-active project follow-up will be key in defining, monitoring and achieving a clear and complete project scope for each of the initiatives.




  • As a functional analysist with good IT project management skills, you will take the lead in taking up and delivering each of the initiatives on the current short list, as well as use your experience to critically screen for any additional automation opportunities within the billing department.
  • You have strong experience in drawing up functional and technical requirements and actively following up the necessary project activities and steps with each of the stakeholders (local IT, global IT, billing clerks and potentially external developers).
  • You are able to identify different technological alternatives that would suit the needs of each of the automation initiatives best (direct interfacing, web ADI, RPA,...).
  • You will have the ability to work in a dynamic environment and realize the project from inception to completion.
  • You will not only ensure that the automation initiatives are accepted by the business owners, but also that the automation is evaluated and its success is validated by both business as well as application owners. 
  • You will work together with the Billing manager to monitor progress and to mitigate any associated risks.



  • Discuss approach, planning and prioritization with the Billing manager
  • Discuss the necessary functional requirements for each of the current identified automation initiatives, as well as any potential additional initiatives, in close collaboration with the billing employees.
  • Draw up the technical requirements for each of the initiatives, in order to enable the technical development of each initiative in close collaboration with the respective application owners.
  • Discuss the best suited technical solution (interfacing, system changes, RPA, ...) for each initiative with the Billing manager
  • Project follow-up & delivery: defining, organizing, monitoring and achieving a clear and complete project scope for each of the initiatives (managing both internal as well as external parties)



  • Strong functional and technical requirements skills with 5+ years of experience in a (financial) data driven environment;
  • Working knowledge of system integration, interfacing and ETL scripting;
  • Experienced in managing projects delivering technological changes;
  • Pro-active and enthusiastic drive, positively pushing people to deliver;
  • Good notion of alternative technical possibilities for data extraction, transformation and loading (more specifically Robotic process automation);
  • Ability to handle stakeholders interests and effectively communicate and align with them;
  • Ability to communicate with both operational and IT focused mindsets;
  • Report regularly to billing manager on any material issues involving the projects or risks.

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Talent-IT is a sourcing company that unites customers and IT-Talent across the full range of IT professions & technologies. We help our customers in finding the ideal IT-Talent for their permanent or project based vacancies. We help IT-Talent (employees and freelancers) in finding their ideal new permanent or project based vacancy.

Besides the right technical skills, we also think that culture, attitude, personality and languages are a crucial element in the matching process. Our business is Talent Management: to attract, to keep, coach, train and motivate IT-Talent, thanks to a broad view on IT and the business.

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