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Wemanity - Front Craftsman

Réf.: Front_Craftsman


Our Software Craftsmanship Guild is growing, and is looking for a new Front Craftsman & Clean Coder.





More than specific expertise and skills (we will check this later, with a kata or an audition), we are on the lookout for someone sharing our mindset and values:

  • Someone who puts the user experience at the heart of his or her work
  • Someone for whom the user satisfaction is the only thing that matters
  • A teammate who considers that being Agile is to quickly deliver the MVP, and then iterate from sprint to sprint
  • An optimistic, pro-active person, naturally curious and generous, for whom the team's interest comes before his or her own
  • A real team player, who is comfortable asking for help and finds it natural to offer his or her help to his or her pair
  • Someone who understands our motto : YOU SAY IT, YOU OWN IT. Someone who would rather act than talk
  • Someone who doesn't show off, and finds real pleasure and pride in making the team successfull
  • Someone who will be happy to join us to have a drink and spend time improving ourselves, creating new products and making the world a better place!
  • Least but certainly not last, an authentic person who says what he does and does what he says. Someone who's real, who doesn't fear failure, learns from mistakes and knows to react rapidly without losing positive thinking


Rather than a cover letter or a CV, just answer these 12 questions and send ia the APPLY button below


1/ Who are you? In a tweet (140 characters max)

2/ What's the link to your LinkedIn profile, your Github account and your last post on a blog?

3/ What is your most significant project as a front craftsman (what went well, what did you enjoy doing, where did you fail, and why)?

4/ What makes sense for you in our project (or doesn't :-) ) and could it help you grow? What would be your added value to our team?

5/ What does agility mean to you?

6/ What is the latest technology you have learnt?

7/ What are your favorite JS frameworks? Why? Did you play with other ones?

8/ Have you developed a mobile app?

9/ What is your last experience in TDD, BDD & DDD?

10/ Have you ever set up continuous delivery in a project and how?

11/ What is your leitmotiv? Which motivations and passions lead your life ?

12/ What do your desk and laptop look like? (a picture is worth 1000 words ;-) )

And you win a bonus point if you tell us about someone you admire and why.


Dear craftsman friend, this is all we've got. We wish you a wonderful day, and hope to see you soon!

The Wemanity Software Craftsmanship Guild


Description société

Wemanity is an international startup specialized in Agility, Software Craftsmanship & DevOps.
More than a company, Wemanity is a cooperative project aiming to change the business world by unleashing the potential of companies and inspiring a startup culture within our customers.

Everybody at Wemanity is proactive and can write a chapter in Wemanity's history.

Within 2 years, Wemanity has launched 72 projects and incubated 7 startups in Paris, Brussels, London and Amsterdam.

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