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Cronos International - Animator

Cronos is currently looking for an Animator profile.



Job skills & qualifications

  • Be creative and artistic
  • Have drawing skills
  • Create and deliver storyboards and animations
  • Ability to draw and animate characters
  • Comedy, action, emotional storytelling and character interaction skills
  • Experience using animation software, such as: Adobe Animate, Adobe After Effects, Maya, Final Cut Pro


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Beschrijving bedrijf

CRONOS International is since October 2005 the company of the CRONOS group specialized in delivering ICT services to private and public International Organizations. By creating a distinct organization, CRONOS wants to emphasize the additional components that characterize international organizations, such as multilinguism, different cultures, more complex decisions processes and so on.
Ever since its inception, CRONOS has demonstrated an extraordinary growth, both in revenue and staff numbers.
CRONOS' ability to swiftly adapt to the ever-changing market demands made it the most preferred technology partner for many companies on the lookout for high quality ICT solutions.
A thorough understanding of customers' needs and a continuous quest for innovation, combined with a consistent but flexible attitude towards excellence, paved the way to rapid growth and success.

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