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E-Resourcing - Teradata Analyst

Ref.: HQ00009441

Context of the mission

You are part of a squad team that works in an Agile framework (Scrum). All squad members sit physically together and work on a specific business domain (eg. Network & Customer Experience, Location Insights, Value Analytics, ...)


Responsibilities of the Teradata Analyst / Developer

  • Responsible for the analysis, development, testing and follow up of the implementation of project deliverables with a focus on quality
  • Load and integrate data from our multitude of applications, service platforms and networks in the Enterprise Data Warehouse/Data Lake via ETL solutions
  • Create datamarts and/or reports/dashboards
  • Make sure that your (and your colleagues') solutions are matching the requirements regarding security (retail/wholesale, legal, ...) and confidentiality, defined by Legal- and Security- teams and by our Datawarehouse Data Security Officer (DSO)
  • Make sure that solutions make optimal use of available computer capacity (CPU, I/O, Storage, memory, ...), available on our platforms (Teradata, Hadoop, Oracle, ...) and guarantee optimal performance.


Profile of the Teradata Analyst / Developer

  • Profound knowledge of key concepts of Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing and entity-relationship (E-R)-, Third Normal Form (3NF)- and dimensional modeling (knowledge on RDA helps)
  • Experience in Teradata database is mandatory
  • Good knowledge on Hadoop and related technologies (Hortonworks Hadoop stack, HBase, MapReduce, Storm, Hive, Kafka, Scala, Spark ...)
  • Knowledge and experience in scripting (Perl, Java, Python, R, ...)
  • Good knowledge on BI tools (Informatica, MicroStrategy)

Beschrijving bedrijf

E-Resourcing successfully delivers recruitment services backed by professionals with an average of 15 years industry experience. The company combines traditional 'best in class' recruitment practices with state-of-the-art web and database search skills.

E-Resourcing provides recruitment services:
- For Contract, Permanent and other flexible outsourced resource solutions
- Across IT and Telecoms sectors
- Throughout the UK, and Internationally
- With additional focus on specialist skill areas

With this expertise and experience we deliver innovative solutions and are committed to raising the standards of service to a level higher than clients and applicants are accustomed to.

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