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Eureka-ITS - Security Consultant and Technical Leader

Ref.: REF SEC01 REF TL01

For one of our client, european public sector, we are actively looking for : a Security Consultant (M/W) to support the System Security Officer AND we are actively looking for a Technical Team Leader.



Security Consultant - REF SEC01


Context of the mission


The information systems of our client and the information processed have to be protected against threats to their availability, integrity and confidentiality. In this respect, appropriate security measures are identified to ensure a cost-effective, risk-based approach to achieving adequate security, commensurate with the likelihood, impact and nature of the risks to which they are exposed.


The System Security Officer (SSO) draws up security plans under the responsibility of the System Owner. According to Commission Decision, security plans should be created for all Commission Information Systems. All security plans should be reviewed yearly or on ad-hoc basis to make sure that they are up to date with the developments of the corresponding information system and the evolution of the business.


To support the System Security Officer's activities, we are actively looking for a Security Consultant.



Tasks and responsabilities

  • Participate in the implementation of the Commission security policy with reference to the configurations, systems and infrastructure;
  • Perform 'Business Impact Assessments', in collaboration with the relevant stakeholders, in particular the Data Owners and linked System Owners that identify and define the IT security needs which guarantee the required security of the IT systems.
  • Draw up, manage and maintain the security plans of all the CSC IT Systems, ensuring that they are in line with the security framework of the Commission;
  • Review the system security plans periodically (yearly) and whenever a change with a significant security impact occurs;
  • Identify and coordinate security measures common to all CSC IT systems;
  • Monitor the planning of the implementation of the identified security measures and support the implementing teams;
  • Advise the System Owners, System Managers and Project Managers on IT security matters and assist in the architecture, design, implementation and verification activities of IT security;
  • Give support to the System Owners in Securing IT system development and acquisition;
  • Act as the contact point with all related security services (such as the LISO, DIGIT.S, etc.) and as reference point for any required security information within the CSC IT unit;
  • Advise in areas such as Risk analysis, contingency planning, IT security audit, security logs analysis, security development, incident handling, Identity and Access Management.


Knowledge and Skills

  • Expert knowledge of security aspects and strategies;
  • 10 years experience or more with information security and IT security risk management processes
  • Knowledge of internationally recognised standards such as the ISO/IEC 27001 ISO/IEC 27002, etc.;
  • Good knowledge and experience of risk management methodologies (i.e., EBIOS, etc. ;
  • Familiarity with technical aspects of web applications security (i.e., OWASP guidelines, etc.);
  • Ability to give high quality presentations on security matters;
  • Ability to participate in multi-lingual meetings, very good communication and redaction skills (English)
  • Good and accurate reporting methods


Working language : English

French is an asset

Duration : 1 year (renewable up to 4 years)



Technical Team Leader - REF TL01



Context of the mission


Our client DG has created a number of IT Systems to support the implementation of the development of the European Union. In this context, we are actively looking for them for the services of 1 TECHNICAL TEAM COORDINATOR with very strong technical skills, coaching abilities and system management.


Tasks and responsabilities

  • Management and coordination of a team of system administrators
  • Technical coaching of the team
  • Management of planning
  • Deployment, administration and management of application servers.
  • Tuning & Administration of SAP BPC v10 under Windows 2008 + MS SQL 2012
  • Tuning & Administration on Oracle 11g and 12c, Weblogic, Coldfusion 11 servers
  • Administration of Linux Redhat 7.x
  • Analysis of the functional and technical requirements
  • Creation and maintenance of deployment tools
  • Management of DEVCO infrastructure on the AWS Cloud and DIGIT Datacenter
  • Writing/maintenance of applications that reflect the specifications
  • Integration with other applications and tools developed by DIGIT
  • Assistance with deployment and configuration of the systems
  • Draft of technical documentation.
  • Unit and integration testing of internal and external development
  • Key users support during the test and the production phases
  • SPOC for DIGIT service
  • Analysis of system events & logs on the +- 180 servers managed by the team.
  • Analysis and implementation of new services for other teams (Testing tools, monitoring tools, ...)


Knowledge and skills - high level required

  • Oracle 11g/12c RDBMS Administration, Tuning & Monitoring
  • Microsoft SQL 2012
  • SAP BPC v10 for windows
  • Oracle Weblogic 11g, 12c administration
  • GIT source versioning
  • Cloud Provider (AWS and/or openstack based Provider)
  • Administration Linux RedHat 7.x (with strong knowledge of Bash shell)


Knowledge and skills - medium level required

  • Oracle 11g/12c RDBMS SQL & PL/SQL
  • Icinga Monitoring tool (or Nagios or equivalent)
  • LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySql, PHP)
  • Java/J2EE, struts, hibernate & others well known libraries
  • Ant, Maven, Nexus
  • HTTP/HTTPS protocol and Bluecoat Reverse Proxies
  • Business Objects


Knowledge and skills - low level (Basics)

  • Adobe Coldfusion 9, 10, 11 administration
  • Business knowledge of EC Financial systems & ABAC
  • RUP methodology, especially RUP@EC
  • General Knowledge of network infrastructure
  • Bamboo (or Jenkins) - Jira / Confluence & Atlassian tools
  • Weblogic ESB (Enterprise Service Bus) and Oracle Service Bus
  • Yourkit
  • Eclipse and J2EE related plugins
  • Oracle Reports
  • Docker

Working language : English

French is an asset

Duration : 1 year (renewable up to 4 years)



Interested (M/W) ? by REF SEC01 OR REF TL01 ? Do not hesitate to send your CV.

The demand is urgent, we will quickly react to your cv.










Beschrijving bedrijf

Eurek@-ITS is a dynamic IT consultancy company, based in Luxemburg and composed of IT professionals.

Our main customers are active in the public sector (European Institutions) as well as the private one (financial & banking fields, industry,... ) both in Luxembourg and Belgium.

The wellbeing of our Consultants, client satisfaction and pro-activity are our top-priorities.

To strengthen our team, we are permanently looking for European Institutions, several script developers:

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