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G2 Recruitment Solutions - Python Developer

Our client is currently looking for a Senior Python Developer for my client in Brussels. Position will start August and interviews happening next week.


The project is subdivided into subprojects such as: Converting certain pieces of code from Python 2 to Python 3


Reforming and redeveloping the structure of a Postgres database, whereby previous analyzes and information have already been collected. Additional detailed analyzes can be requested, as well as input based on expertise on the approach to be followed for further optimization.


Drawing up a flow for pre-processing and writing out the processing in R for input data for a model.



Technical context

  • Intermediate level PyCharm as an interface is assumed, as well as a basic GIT. Both are operationally needed in the performance of the tasks.
  • Expert level Python, more specifically for data processing (tables and GIS data (shapefiles and raster data)). In particular for the following Python packages: pandas, numpy, shapely, fiona, osgeo (ogr and gdal) parts of SCI-kit learn (EG skimage), cupy.


Possible tasks on demand


Formulate and develop improvement proposals for scripts (more efficient approach for slow parts, use of new packages ...), investigate why undesired results of (part) scripts occur, for which the questioner cannot find an explanation after initial research (via e.g. stackoverflow), tests whether model parts can be easily converted to cupy and which performance gains can be achieved with this, support and elaboration of conversion of Python 2 to 3 where necessary



Advanced level Postgres, specifically

  • interpreting “explain analysis” results and formulate and elaborate targeted proposals to improve SQL scripts (which also contain PostGIS commands), to formulate and elaborate improvement proposals to improve the overall database performance
  • Advanced user R, familiar with data processing, often with spatial data. Most relevant packages: SP, rgeos, rgdal, dplyr,...
  • Making code more efficient and logical, EG apply functions instead of loops, but always keep the readability of the code in mind.
  • Writing a code for problems that the questioner gets stuck on himself

Building in check-in checks



If this sounds like a role for you please contact me via the button below.

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