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ING - Dev Engineer ECM with Functional Knowledge

Ref.: 049907

ING - Dev Engineer ECM with Functional Knowledge

Ref. 049907



Your role ...

  • Contributing to define the user's requirements and examining potential functional solutions in conjunction with the IT business experts
  • You design, build and test IT products (functional, performance, resilience and security tests) in line with the customer's requirements and IT Area' set of guidelines
  • Performing functional analyses and advising your internal clients in the choice of solution
  • Running the functional tests (validation of developments)
  • Monitoring implementation of the projects for which you are responsible in conjunction withthe project leader;
  • Training of users of the application and writing the functional documentation
  • Providing functional support and distributing the necessary information to all participants




As a Feature Engineer, you will deliver functional designs,

specifications, models and solutions in order to obtain a high quality IT

application for your internal clients. Next to this, you have a broad and diverse set of competencies that allow you to design, develop, test and deliver applications and/or infrastructure services in the scope of your squad. When necessary, you will also contribute to applications maintenance, administering them and eventually decommissioning them.



Are you someone who is ...

  • Able to speak up
  • Ask questions/take actions/find people that can help if things are not clear
  • Able to listen, summarize, challenge
  • Interested in the business processes behind the solutions
  • Positive mindset, being constructive
  • Willing to help others in working towards a good solution


And you also have ...

  • Passion for IT
  • Experience with working in a mixed onshore-offshore team
  • Experience in Agile Context (not having complete picture, but nevertheless being able to work on relevant parts)
  • Experience in working in a 'complex' environment (so not only in an 'isolated' team)
  • Should be able to indicate why he's applying for this specific role, and not another role
  • Should be able to explain what his ambitions are for the next 10y (towards technical, business, functional or manager role?)
  • Proven skills in writing functional specifications
  • Certifications and/or proven proficiency in software development and infra stack building
  • Be able to understand an E2E solution, and to slice it in workable parts
  • Skills to communicate with both business, developpers and architects (speak all languages)
  • Experience with ECM (ideally DCTM).
  • Knowledge of main ECM concepts (Doc capture, Doc archival, Doc retrieval, Doc retention, ...)
  • Knowledge of datamodels, Access control, workflow, document lifecycle, taxonomy, auditing
  • Experience with or at least understanding integration technologies (webservices, rest API, ...)
  • XML, XSD
  • Enough technical understanding to be able to troubleshoot and pinpoint issues


... Then you are our new Dev Engineer ECM with Functional Knowledge

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