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Médecins Sans Frontières - HRIS Facilitator

Ref.: HRIS



The key user facilitator will:

  • Maintain and develop the HR processes (workflows and screens design, SQL, JavaScript)
  • Make sure that each HR community is able to express their needs in terms of functionalities
  • Motivate the users and monitor that the solution will meet the needs within the constraints of quality, functionality and ease of use
  • Have a global/transversal view of what all HR communities do, to ensure integration and to improve cross-functional operations - IT alignment
  • Have to consistently seek harmonised processes for the 3 HR populations (Expats, Nat Staff, HQ) and transversal coherence between HR communities.


Job Profile

  • HR Analysis & configuration:
    • Know exactly what people do, and how, in all HR communities
    • Ensure better coherence of processes with HR vision
    • Help Key users and end users to identify their needs
    • Have a transversal vision and make the link between the different departments
    • Configuration of the functional components of the software
    • Support to the Symphony program (international HR software) 
  • Development & Testing:
    • Implement and maintain the HR processes using the workflows designer of the HR software
    • Maintain the workflows custom code (JavaScript) and the access to the data (SQL)
    • Testing of the new workflows and functionalities
    • See what can be improved in terms of efficiency of processes and data management
    • Ensure better coherence of processes with HR vision
    • Know the system, the data in order to develop own appropriate KPIs and reports
    • Coordinates changes between HR communities and engage a validation process by the HR middle management in case of transversal issue 
  • Interface between the HR & IT department:
    • Be involved in IT and strategic decision process, and in future key users committees to discuss and agree on improvements
    • Transform users' needs in an analytical language to allow IT doing to a proper development and to explain IT processes to HR people
    • Report all bugs and observed problems to the IT department for correction 
  • Support to key users & Helpdesk for end users:
    • Consolidate ownership of system and data by (key) users
    • Keep a close hands-on tie with the team of key users, and reinforce the functional support
    • Act as a second line helpdesk for end users (if key users can't help them)
  • Training:
    • Be able to train people to do things in an appropriate manner, and ensure better consistency of data
    • Spread the knowledge on several heads and ensure better continuity of the new system
    • Know the software inside out, in order to train new users in case of the absence of the key user of a community and to suggest possible improvements 


Candidate Profile 

  • Analytical skills & IT oriented
  • Experience in various Msf HR department is an asset
  • Service and client oriented
  • Willing to work in an international, multidisciplinary and humanitarian environment
  • Adhere to our managerial values: Respect, Transparency, Integrity, Accountability, Trust, Empowerment
  • Fluent English and French.



  • Fixed-term contract 1 year (extendable) - Full-time - based in Brussels
  • Hospital Insurance (DKV) - Pension plan - Canteen at democratic price - 100% reimbursement for public transportation costs
  • Starting position immediate 


CV + letter of motivation to be sent before 29/01/2018, to Human Resources, via the button below.

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MEDECINS SANS FRONTIERES is a non-governmental humanitarian aid organisation. We presently work in more than 60 countries, where our volunteers provide assistance to populations in distress and victims of conflict, irrespective of religion, philosophy or political convictions.

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