Reference no.: 64651 (IGB311699343)
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iStorm - Feature Designer Referentials

Ref.: 64651 (IGB311699343)
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iStorm is different and above all a human adventure. Founded in 2009 during the financial crisis, we understand that people’s perception of happiness has changed. It’s no longer just about profitability, key performance indicators or return on investment. People long for employers with real values and long term vision. At iStorm we ambition to bring these people together to create real happiness at work.

Today, we have many respectable clients who trust us with their recruitment needs on a regular basis. The energy in the office incredible – everybody working with a purpose and total dedication for their clients and candidates. Our unique approach is defined by our innovation. iStorm is the first IT recruitment agency to implement the use of Video CVs and mass use of social media tools to recruit candidates.

iStorm Projects is the new IT Consulting Practice powered by Select Projects and focused on 6 IT specialization domains ( for details) to address our clients’ challenges quickly and efficiently. With 200+ Consultants in our Life Sciences, HR and Industry Consulting Practices created in 2014, we clearly demonstrate our ability to put the wellbeing of our Human Capital first in every project. Flexibility, training, career plan, listening to each other, mutual respect and authenticity give meaning to the professional endeavors of our Consultants, inhouse as well as at the client. “Quality is Perfomance by genuine people” is in that sense no random chosen baseline from Select Group.

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iStorm - Feature Designer Referentials (Ref. 64651 (IGB311699343))



iStorm Projects is the IT & Project Management Consulting practice powered by the Select Group. Above all iStorm Projects is a human adventure in an ever-changing technological world. Our goal is to focus on the well-being of our consultants by putting them in the center of every IT projects. Invest in our Human Capital via trainings, competence management and career path is also part of our DNA.

At iStorm Projects, you will definitely find IT Performance by genuine people!

As a member of our iStorm Projects Development Competence Center, you will support our clients in achieving their strategic corporate goals in the context of a dedicated mission.



Functional Context


We are managing a lot of data regarding its clients, their contracts and products; what is called “Referentials”.

These data elements are intensively used and integrated in all processes of the bank. This means that almost all projects have impact on the “Referentials”.



Role Description

  • We are looking for a person able to combine a “Product Owner” role (PO) and a “Feature Designer” role (Fd), active in the project teams.
  • The PO is member of a Scrum team taking the responsibility for defining stories and prioritizing the team backlog to streamline the execution of program priorities while maintaining the conceptual and technical integrity of the product or functional/application scope of the Scrum team.
  • The PO has content authority and plays a significant role in quality control as he/she is the only team member empowered to accept stories or work as done.


Some key responsibilities

  • Build, edit, maintain and prioritize the Scrum Team Backlog,
  • Drive quarterly planning and Sprint planning of the Scrum Team,
  • Support Scrum Team members during execution,
  • Review and accept stories from Scrum Team assuring quality from business and technical perspective,
  • Reporting on story refinement and realization
  • The Fd operates on program level (transversal) and on the team level and plays a key role during the EPIC, feature and story analysis as well as the realization of these features and stories.
  • He / She drives the exercise to slice epics into features grouping these features back together into minimal marketable product increments.
  • The Fd feeds the Scrum teams with work analyzing features and slicing them into stories together with them.
  • During the execution he / she plays a critical role to keep an end-to-end view on the realization of the features supporting the Scrum teams as well as the E2E Test Manager with development and test activities.


Some key responsibilities

  • Deliver just enough analysis on EPIC and feature level
  • Plan EPIC and feature analysis activities on quarterly and 3-week basis
  • Act as SPOC during feature realization
  • Drive rollout and post production follow up
  • Assure data quality EPIC, Mmpi and feature backlog




Looking for persons having:

  • An experience as Product Owner able to help the Scrum Team members in their journey to Agile, and/or
  • An experience in Project Management (Agile and/or Waterfall) able to quickly integrate a team with multiple Fd's and Business Analysts.




You receive an attractive salary package with many extra-legal benefits (company car, meal vouchers, insurance,...). All this in a fascinating work environment where you have many opportunities to boost your career.

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