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ITS Group Benelux - Oracle DBA

Job Description 

  • installing and regularly upgrading the Oracle database software. This requires expertise in Oracle and its corresponding application tools.
  • using database and coding knowledge to create database Storage structures, known as tablespaces, that store the data of Web applications. They are responsible for ensuring these structures are created with information security in mind.
  • changing to database structures based on company needs.
  • using their Oracle expertise and knowledge of database management to find and address the cause of the malfunction.



  • Understand the theories and components that make the system function. They also need knowledge of Structured Query Language (SQL) to create and alter database structures.
  • Oracle DBAs need a working knowledge of programming languages such as HTML and XML.
  • Oracle DBAs are people who thrive in a collaborative environment; they rarely work independently. 
  • Designing databases using Oracle Software and knowledge of SQL
  • Testing database applications to ensure functionality
  • Collaborating with other Oracle DBAs to implement structures
  • Performing regular security updates to keep user data safe
  • Helping users to navigate and use database functions

Description société

ITS Group is an IT consultancy company specializing in the sustainable development of IT infrastructures.
Founded in 1997, ITS Group has become a respected international company with more than 1500 employees Europe.

We offer our clients an assistance in all aspects of integration, administration and operation of their IT systems.
From the design of the solution to the maintenance, either on-site or in one of our service centers, we provide the assistance in project management, technical support, administration, etc.

Our goal is to support all of your projects as they affect a rapidly changing IT landscape.
In this field our values are:

- Specialization and innovation;
- Requirement for quality;
- Development and diversity of our human resources.

This conviction makes us a responsible company, committed to sustainable development.
This guarantees us creativity, reactivity and competetivity.

At a glance:

200M€ 2015 Turnover
19 years of uninterrupted growth and profits
1500 employees in Europe (France & Benelux)
Listed on Euronext since 2005

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