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WYN Partners - Senior PHP Developer

Job Description


You will be in charge of:

  • Writing PHP code for our internal and external tool,
  • Follow up on the technology level inside the team and the society,
  • Reviewing code during Pull Request, comment, and help the other improve,
  • Self-improve your quality code level,
  • Managing our applications,
  • Setting up monitoring tool that allow us to avoid failure (or quickly detect issue),
  • Enjoy Your Job!


Required skills

  • You have a minimum of 5 year of experience in PHP development (We use 5.6 & 7.1)
  • You know design pattern and you apply them every time you can. You read book about design pattern
  • Version Control and particularly GIT is a tool that you use everyday
  • You know development framework like : Laravel 5, Symfony 3
  • You know some good Q&A tools :Phpunit, atoum, composer, Behat,
  • You are able to give a simple solution to a big problem (or at least, make it look simple)
  • Virtualisation and deployment are an asset :AWS, Docker (& compose), Cloudfront, Chef
  • You know how to structure a database. You know MySQL, MariaDb, RDS,
  • You have some basic knowledge of front development :HTML, CSS, AngularJS,
  • You need to be fluent in French and have a good level of English is also a plus
  • You are a communicative, sociable and open minded person



  • Be part of a motivated and fast-growing team
  • Competitive salary package in line with the market
  • Gain experience, constant trainings and internal growth
  • Awesome work environment

Description société

WYN Partners is a recruitment agency specialised in 4 fields : ICT, Engineering, HR & Legal, Sales & Marketing.

Acting as an intermediary between the candidates and the companies, WYN Partners takes care to meet the expectations of both parties, according to their criteria and needs. We put forward to our clients the candidates most suited to working for them, given their career, experience and professional project.

Our role is also very important for the candidates, whom we advise and guide as well as possible so that they can find employment.

WYN Partners therefore fulfils a vital role, since we act as a real adviser to the company and adopt a position as a trusted intermediary. WYN Partners lends considerable legitimacy to your application, as it will be substantiated and will therefore attract more interest than if you were to apply alone.

Our mission is to make the recruitment process more flexible, transparent and efficient.
We return to the very basics of recruitment: the HUMAN ASPECT! We aim to build partnerships with our clients but also with the candidates whom we contact.
Our basic principle is: WE DO AS WE SAY !

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